Monday, June 2, 2008

Dispelling the Myth...

I got way too many comments about being "tiny", that I have to dispel the myth... I am HUGE! It must have been magic in the previous picture. See below the reality of my belly.... It could be used as a weapon!

Today is Week 28!!! A HUGE milestone in terms of survivability of the babies... Dr. Elliott is trying to find the best time to give me steroid shots... We have been putting it off since Week 24. We were going to do them yesterday, however, they want my contractions to below 4 an hour before giving them to me because they have found that the shots will increase contractions and sometime put a mom into labor. I seem to be a night contractor and have around 8 an hour... They are going to try and play with my levels of medications to get them down before giving me the steroid shots. The steroid shots will speed up the development of the babies lungs in case I were to go into preterm labor.

We did another growth ultrasound today... it took 2 1/2 hours! It looks like baby soup in there. I don't know how the tech could tell one baby from the other. With 10 arms and 10 legs all moving about, I am amazed that they could measure anything at all. Unfortunately, we didn't get any good pics to post.

Baby A - Girl - 2 lb 5 oz
Baby B - Girl - 2 lb 8 oz
Baby C - Boy - 2 lb 11 oz
Baby D - Boy - 2 lb 8 oz
Baby E - Girl - 2 lb 7 oz

We did another FFN test and it came back negative. My cervix, although is getting very short, is still closed. The only concern we have now is that Baby A has dropped very low and is putting pressure on my cervix... They will decide tomorrow if she has dropped low enough to do something about it.

My sweet, sweet friend Suzy came into town to visit me last weekend... She is from Austin, so it is rare that we can spend 3 entire days with each other. She entertained me by chatting, reading me gossip magazines, painting my nails, rubbing my feet, etc. It's amazing how the time passed so quickly.

Suzy & Ellen

Suz, Elle & Stephen in the Healing Garden

Stephen & Elle with Bed Head

Thanks for all the encouragement that you give through your comments! I love reading them. I miss everyone so much and am looking forward to seeing everyone soon!


  1. Thanks for the more size appropriate pics! You really do look great, though! And it sounds like the babies are all a healthy size. As always, we're praying for you all, including Dr. Elliot. We miss you on this end, too!

    Deb Greco

  2. Hi Ellen,
    What beautiful pictures! We are all rejoicing over here at your milestone. Yay for 28!!!

    What's new with us? Well a stray beagle found its way into our garage and I was afraid we were going to have to keep him. As cute as he was... :-) Turns out that he had a microchip under his skin and the vet scanned him and promised to send him home.

    In other news, Kevin now has his learner's permit. About time! We spent this evening playing NASCAR at the high-school parking lot. (round and round and round and...) Please don't start thinking about teaching 5 teens to drive at the same time. That might put you into early labor for sure!


  3. Hi Ellen ~

    You don't know me, but I came across your blog and I have really enjoyed reading it. We live in Portland, Oregon and we have 6 kids 1 set of twins
    (all teenagers...YIKES)

    We wish you healthy babies...
    Hang in there - CONGRATULATIONS ~

    Bill & Angie Ryan
    Portland, Oregon

  4. Praise God for 28! How exciting that you are getting closer to holding each of those tiny little blessings in your arms. I'm sure you can't wait.

    The picture of you and Stephen is so cute! I love seeing how big your belly is getting. You are growing some strong healthy babies in there. Good job!

  5. Elle! It is awesome to see all the babies weigh so much more since I was there ~2 weeks ago! It must be all that Ensure ;-) oh and jelly bellies <- have u finished them?

    32 wks is sooo close now!! You can do it!

  6. Elle! I love the belly and am so glad to see the babies are gaining so much weight. I can't even tell you how proud I am of you. Those babies don't even know what a wonderful family they are about to be born into. We miss you lots and think of you often, I tell Cade all about his Auntie Elle and how you are bringing his wife home with you! Amy keeps us updated on the progress, just a few more weeks! You can do it!

    Love you lots, miss you tons!


  7. Oh El! I cannot wait to see you. I just can't believe that the journey has brought us this far -- seems like just yesterday that you were coming over to my house at lunchtime, sick as a dog, drinking Aiden's (whole) milk, napping on the couch ("don't let me sleep past 1:00"!!). I miss you so, so much and while I'm going to see you tomorrow, reading your blog tonight makes me miss you even more and mourn that I can't be with you 24/7 while you go through all of this. I love you so, so, so, so, so very much, my On-In. Meems

  8. you still look pretty great to me!! I also cannot believe how close we are to the finish line now... and it sounds like they are growing well in there. I , too, miss you like crazy and cannot wait to see you, and meet the bebes. Keep it up , sister, you are doing a fine job!!!

  9. Yeah!!!! 28weeks is awesome!!!! I'm so happy for you! Remember everyday in, is 2 days less in the NICU! (or so they say!)
    Take care,
    Misty & the Girls

  10. Hi Ellen! Just checking in on glad to see that all is well! Please know that we are ready and willing to help here in Arizona in any way possible. (PCA connection through our churches) Press on!

  11. Hi Ellen,

    The belly is awesome! So excited to hear how the babies are growing and gaining weight. Love the pic of you and Stephen. 32-34 weeks are so close. Your in our prayers.

    Sharon & Michael

  12. That's a whole lot 'o baby in that belly!!! You look great. I keep praying, and looking forward to more great news.
    News from us...David graduated on Saturday and is a fish waiting on August to go to A&M...Allison is fully licensed to drive (more gray hair) and we are headed up to the BIG D for General Assembly...while D & A stay here to work...just say no to parties! ;)
    Love each of you and pray for you regularly. 28 is great...hang in there!

  13. Yayyyy....28 weeks. So excited for you, Ellen. Good work, Mom!!!!

  14. Elle,
    As I am writing this you will be at 28 weeks that is SO wonderful. Everytime I read your blog I cry. Those babies are thriving. I was excited to see their weight gain. They are growing and growing! We love you, Lisa, Daniel, Casey and Megan.

  15. Hi Ellen!! We just got the link to your blog today and are SO happy to hear that you and the babies are doing well!! It's great to see all of the pictures, how you are progressing and all of the love and support you and Stephen are receiving. Keep eating, keep smiling, we know you can do it! 32 weeks is just around the corner. We are thinking of you and sending our love and prayers your way!
    Love always,
    Raul & Chrissy

  16. 28 weeks is AWESOME!!!! Keep up the good job MOM! You are doing a great job, and reading the comments and your posts, makes me smile. I can remember the anticipation that I felt at that far. You keep it up. EAT, REST and REST some more. Positive thoughts and prayers your way.

    Houston, TX