Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Vegas Baby

I had been jones-ing for a baby free vacation for a while, so when Stephen told me that he was going to take customers to Vegas for a weekend, I jumped all over it! Before children when he had to take customers, I didn't have much interest in going with him, but after children, he couldn't leave me behind if he tried!!

Now, this was by far the LAZIEST Vegas vacation that I have ever taken... No shows, No clubs, No walking up and down the Strip, No spa appointments... And let me tell you, doing NOTHING never felt better. Our days consisted of waking up late, eating brunch, laying by the pool, napping, a fun dinner, bed. (Oh, and of course I had to shop one afternoon...)

A much needed time away and a huge thank you to our friends Lolly & Bella for taking the babies! Love. Them.

Stayed at the Encore -- Awesome! Would recommend staying here for sure!

After Dinner
(We ate in the Aria Casino... I want to stay there next time!)

Sushi @ Nobu
Overflowing Saki Box...

Stephen & Me with his customers Gary and Lynne
We had just left Minus 5, which is bar that is made of all ice and is 23 degrees F. Even the glasses were made out of ice. They gave you jackets and gloves before you went inside, hence Stephen's cool hat.


So, we had our first trip to the dentist.... Good news is no cavities... Bad news is the babies have spotty enamel, so cavities will come easily. The fix is brushing 3 times a day, no grazing on food or milk, a calcium paste and going back to the dentist every 3 months. My first response to this fix was, yeah, right! But my ENTIRE life I have had nightmares of rotten falling out teeth and even the thought of a loose tooth rolls my stomach... So to prevent my precious darlings from having meth mouth I am doing everything I can to follow the rules! (Don't tell, but I can only get in two brushings a day!)

Why the spotty enamel? Two things, the stress of a premature birth and the magnesium that I had to be on during my pregnancy... Magnesium depletes ones calcium and everything it did to me, it did to my babies. In some twisted way, I felt guilty that the medicine that I took hurt my babies, but I quickly reminded myself that without the medicine they wouldn't even be here!
(As a side note, I find it funny that since being a mother, I find the silliest things to feel guilty about!!)

When I think about going to the dentist, I think of a calm, quiet office environment where everyone speaks in hushed tones. I was nervous about taking my wild 2 year olds, not knowing what to expect. When we got there, the front office was a little challenging, some books and some toys, but not much to keep them occupied. And why do they think I am abandoning them when I go to turn in paperwork 5 ft away?!? (The paperwork I have to fill out for any appointment of any kind is a full time job in and of itself.)

Anyway, when we got called back it was like a scene from a movie... The doors opened and it was fabulously chaotic!!! An open concept room, HUGE play area, kids running around, parents sitting on top of kids so the hygentists could clean teeth. We fit right in! Relief!

As typical to their personalities, some didn't mind the cleanings and some screamed bloody murder. (Details below.)

And last thing.... Lest you think I am a saint... I split up the visits into 2 days. :)

Sidney -- Charmed everyone. Loved sitting in the chair. Didn't mind brushing herself, but didn't care for the dentist poking into her mouth.

Luke -- So serious. Didn't smile at anyone. Wanted to know how everything worked.

Ivy -- Had to brush herself. She wanted a million prizes at the end of the visit.

Mitchell -- SO easy going. Sat there like a big boy and let them brush the longest.

Briellen -- Drama... Gagged and screamed the entire time. Had to forcefully hold her down.