Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The Terrible Three's

I can't believe my little babies turned three on June 24th...  I still look at them in awe...  I seriously can't believe that I have these 5 little creatures that so completely consume my life!  I love them to pieces, but let me tell you three has been no cake walk!  

... Why does no one warn you about the three's???  All you read or hear about is the terrible twos!!! Well, let this be a warning to those who have not heard... The three's are rough! Almost rougher than the beginning... just almost!  The meltdowns, the whining, the testing, the full blow temper tantrums... Oy!  

There are definitely sweet moments where they love on you and tell you how wonderful you are or when you see them love and hug on each other.  There are moments when you see your hard work paying off like when they are polite to others without being reminded.  It is amazing to see them learn so fast and retain everything... They sing and laugh and dance and question everything in the world around them!

Birthday Cupcakes!

Mitchell, Briellen, Sidney, Ivy & Luke
Punchy Birthday Balloons

Ivy, Brie, Luke, Mitchell & Sidney

I couldn't have asked for a better outcome for their 3 year check up...  Everyone is healthy and growing just like they should.  Brie and Sidney are only 26 pounds, but they are healthy and are just going to be teeny girls.  They are way ahead of their age developmentally and they are smart, smart, smart!  (I am sure every mom says this about their little ones!)

Brie, Mitchell, Luke, Sidney & Ivy
Cars Room @ Dr. Neeta's Office

The only health hiccup we have had is in our little Tink-Tink... The last two times the babies have gotten snotty noses (in less than 2 months!) Brie has had coughing issues and they think she might have allergies and/or asthma... They say that this is common in preemies and that she will probably grow out of it... 
I hate this for her, but remember that things could be much, much worse!

So now we have a nebulizer... Nasonex. Xopenex. Pulmicort. Singulair...
I am trying to up the nutrition is her TERRIBLE diet in hopes that if her body gets the nutrition it needs it can fight the funk without all the pharmaceuticals!  (HUGE challenge for this mama, because this girl will only eat 5 foods and is STUBBORN!!!)

We had their birthday party at the Children's museum...  fun, but total chaos!!

While I am determined to enjoy each moment this year has to offer, I will not be sad to see them turn four!!

Father's Day

Yikes!!!  I am SO far behind on my blog!  I HATE that I procrastinate...

My choices are:
A) Start with current events and not update the last 2 months AND vow never to get behind again!
B) Blog mini posts for the last 2 months (minus my usual witty repertoire) AND vow never to get behind again!

I am choosing B, so here we go....

Happy Fathers Day, Stephen!!!

Brie, Sidney, Ivy, Stephen, Luke, Mitchell

At the risk of sounding sappy, Stephen really is the BEST father and husband in the world! Very hands on... Very involved... He is home at 5:30 every night, he wrestles/tickles/plays with the babes from the time he gets home until they go to bed, he gives them baths every night... He is constantly telling them how much he loves them, how pretty, smart, clever and sweet they are. TONS of hugs and kisses!

At the same time he has NO tolerance for whining, rudeness and disrespect! We are all scared when "stern daddy" comes out, but I honestly feel his combination of love and firmness is the reason the babies are as well behaved as they are.... (The term well behaved is used loosely, because they are still 3 and there are days we both think we have the worst kids on the planet!!!)

Now this is where I would normally insert pictures of Stephen with the babies from the time they were babies to now, but I am forcing myself to move on to next post...