Saturday, September 27, 2008

Surviving Ike

A little late notice, but we survived Ike. The power went out at midnight the night of the hurricane and we were fine until it started getting hot the next day. The babies slept through everything and only started getting fussy when it got hot. I don't know if they were fussy because they were hot or if it was because I was fussy and fussiness is contagious. I do not like being hot and I do not like not being able to flush a toilet! Add to that no help because everyone was trapped and I knew that we had to escape. Luckily, our family friends, the Davisons, took us in.

Now it is no small feat to pack up and travel with five babies and it takes big hearts to open a home to the chaos and sheer amount of stuff that goes along with quintuplets. Stella, Rick, Harper and Stuart not only let us stay with them, they helped us with every feeding, they called in recruits for night shifts, let us sleep in the Master bed room, babysat while Stephen and I went for a walk or sat in the hot tub and let me take a nap every day. (p.s. Harper and Stuart are in High School, so it melted my heart to see them want to love on my babies! ) It was almost a mini vacation. They are building a guest house at their home and if it were complete, Stephen and I would have moved in indefinitely... (Probably the first time they are thankful for the slow construction... :) )
Rick, Stuart, Stella & Harper
Stu & God Cousins

Harper & B/F/F Holly

The Babies Pallet for Hurricane Week

Our church is in Katy, so we were also close to TONS of additional help! I think a move to Katy might be in our future.

I had my first outing without the babies today... I stopped by the GE sales office to see my co-workers and then went to have an al fresco lunch with my girlfriends. I had a really good day because I really missed seeing my work friends and then LOVED seeing my girls. The only glitch in the day came when I was waiting for the valet. I waited and waited and waited... I thought that they didn't want to pull the van in front of their restaurant, but turns out they lost my keys. Long story short, Amy took me home and Dana found my keys stuck to her key chain from the valet. My helpers for the day were pros and all babies got fed despite my not being there, although the panic I felt is something that I don't want to feel again!

Funny thing... At lunch one pregnant girlfriend had a question for the "moms" at the table... I automatically turned and looked at the other girls not realizing that she had included me in her question. Ha!

Baby Update: They are growing like weeds! Their little personalities are coming out... Luke is so serious, Mitchell is laid back, Ivy is high maintenance and is starting to show a temper, Sidney is our Diva and Briellen our little bitty princess. They are all really sweet and good babies.

Last week weights (13 weeks old)
Mitchell - 8 lbs. 4 oz
Ivy - 7 lbs. 11 oz
Luke - 7 lbs. 4 oz.
Sidney - 7 lbs.
Briellen 6 lbs. 4 oz.

They are all looking like they have reddish hair... Are we going to be the Weasleys?






Wednesday, September 10, 2008


So, I am the biggest procrastinator on this planet... With five babies, there are certain things you absolutely can not procrastinate on, like mixing formula, making bottles, feeding babies, etc... So when there is something that can wait, I jump on the opportunity. As you can see from Sidney, I thought that trimming nails could wait. Apparently, it can not! And let me tell you that the girls do not like mani/pedi's as much as I do.

Sidney Scratches

When you see all of the adorable pictures of multiple babies, I do NOT know how they do it... I have tried a million times to get a picture with all five looking like their cute selves, but try as I might someone is always cranky or squinting or poking someone else or spitting up or whatever. Time to call the professionals!!!

Sidney, Luke, Ivy, Mitchell, Briellen
I still can't believe that I have five!! My girlfriend Dana, my sister Amy and I were taking care of the babies one Saturday... And it felt like we were babysitting. We were like, "Where are the adults??"