Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Fourth of July

Why does it seem like I start every blog post off by giving an excuse why it's been so long since I've blogged??? This time I swear its a good excuse... My baby sister, Margaret, got married! I will blog about this in a separate post, but just so you know, every spare second I had in the past two months was devoted to planning showers, bach party or helping with the wedding!

SO, for our 4th of July, we drove to see Stephen's family in Ocean Springs, MS. I have said it before how much I just LOVE this little town... I get so excited about walking into town in the mornings to get coffee and walking to the beach to play and shopping in the cute boutiques in the afternoons while the babies are napping. I adore Stephen's dad (Teebs) and step-mom (MaMa Jude) and have so much fun hanging out with them. I love eating the million Tato-Nut donuts that Teebs brings us every morning. (By the way, these are the BEST donuts EVER!!) Most of all, I like taking the babies to the place where their dad grew up and I want them to have fun memories of the place that was special to him.

First Time Having Cotton Candy

Luke Having Serious Conversation with Teebs

Sidney Kisses

Ivy & Teebs
(It took forever, but she finally warmed up!!!)

Playing in the Tent Teebs Set Up in Living Room

Luke & Mitchell
(Notice Tato-Nut Box in my Lap!)

Everyone Playing in Yard


Unfortunately, we couldn't play on the beach due to the oil spill, but right across the beach there is a huge playground and splash pad... The first day we went, we didn't know about the splash pad, so I let the babies play in the water with their clothes on... When they got soaked, they decided to they wanted to be "nakey-nakey." I wasn't sure what to do... I didn't want full on temper tantrums from 5 two year olds, however, I couldn't bear the thought of my children running around in just their diaper. (I know I need to get over it, but I just couldn't that day!) We compromised and I let them take off their shirts. The next day I was sure to dress them in their swimsuits to avoid conflict!

Dancing Briellen





Stephen's sister and her two little ones came to visit as well... The babies had tons of fun with their cousins!


We left on the actual 4th to come home so we missed fireworks, which is my absolute favorite, but it was worth it to beat traffic and have a day with Stephen before he had to go back to work. Since we were traveling, I didn't get a picture of the babies in their red,white, and blue, so I made them wear the same outfits the next day for pictures!!

Briellen, Mitchell, Sidney, Luke, Ivy