Friday, November 12, 2010

Phone Pics

I was randomly looking at pics on my cell phone... I always try to snap a pic when I see something that makes me smile or laugh or irritated... I thought it would be fun to share. I still don't have the iphone thing down so the pics are not the best quality, but you get the point.

Mitchell & Luke
I love the way they sit so close to each other without realizing it!
She would totally be potty trained if she was an only child. She asks to go on the potty a couple of times a day, but I am SO not ready to undertake the task... Notice the wad of toilet paper behind her.
We tried out a "kid-friendly" wine bar, thinking they would have a park or play area... Turned out they only had high chairs... Luckily, we were the only ones there and the owners loved kids, so they let them run around. All I could think about was the movie Sweet Home Alabama... "You have a baby... in a bar??"

One of the joys of having 2 year olds is witnessing the ridiculous temper tantrums! This was one of the worst...
The girls have started really playing with and talking to each other... They will run around holding each others hands calling out each others names.

Ivy, Sidney, Briellen
One weekend Stephen took the boys "hunting" and I kept the girls. I would NEVER say that having triplets is easy, but it was SO much easier than having all 5. It was fun just to be with the girls and do girly things.
He found a scope cover of Stephens and he puts it on his eye and calls himself a pirate. He will wear it for hours!
Ivy, Briellen, Luke, Mitchell, Sidney
They were doing road work down the street from us for about 2 weeks. Every single day we would go and watch the jack hammers, diggers, dump trucks and cement mixers. Again, it amazed me how something that would have been irritating before was such a welcome distraction.
Babies with their friend Eli
This was not a posed shot... The babies will just randomly accumulate on the window sill. I walked by and just happened to see this. Cracked. Me. Up.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Halloween Festivites

We had so much fun celebrating the arrival of fall! As I spent the entire summer longing for the nice weather and wishing we could be outside, I was determine to spend every minute of fall outside! Being the procrastinator that I am, I've waited until now to post, so beware, it's a super long one...

First stop, local pumpkin patch! Cute small patch in front of a church right around the corner from us... We actually went there several times when we needed to get out of the house... By Halloween we were overloaded with little pumpkins!

Ivy & Her Purple Scarecrow
Briellen --
Demanded to wear her brother's shoes - 3 sizes too big!
Ivy, Sidney, Mitchell, Luke, & Brie
Wagon Rides
Brie & Sidney

Next, Zoo Boo.... It was okay, but kind of a waste of time for us... Way too crowded to let the babies freely roam around and the only things really Halloween-y were trick or treat stands (babies not into that yet really) and a pumpkin patch (didn't really need another one of those!) We hit the large animals then left early and had a picnic lunch in the park in the front of the zoo. It was nice to sit there semi-relaxed and watch them feed the ducks as opposed to having to count to 5 every 10 seconds. The babies were so tired and worn out by the time we got back to my sisters that I decided to try to put them down without their pack n plays! The boys went right to sleep, but the girls were playing and talking and giggling... Just like a slumber party!! Hilarious and annoying at the same time. Amy realized it was her 2 year old, Brynne instigating and took her out of the room. Two seconds later all was quiet.

Me, Girlfriend Sooze & Sister Amy
My Mom & The Girls
Aim & Aiden
Amy & Sooze
Kids would jump from stroller to stroller at will.
You never knew who you'd get!
Luke & Eli with Baby Jaguar's Mama
First time sleeping not in a pack n play!

Love the Oil Ranch in Hockley, TX because there is SO much space for everyone to run around! Tons to do... Train ride, tractor ride, milk the cow, lots of animals to see, slide in the barn, etc...

With all of the space, this was the most unlikely place for me to lose a child for the first time. We were leaving the barn and trying to corral the kids to the hay bale maze... Mitchell was right there, but I turned around and he was gone! He couldn't have been gone for more than 5 minutes, but the panic inside me was awful! Then he just moseys out of the barn like "What's the big deal!" Argh!

Sidney's New Smile
Forget trying to get a pic of all 5... Wasn't happening this day!
Only attempt at getting a group shot and it just was too much work.
Train Ride
Girlfriend Dana w/ Chris & Cole
Luke & Ivers Riding Like Big Kids
Sidney went up to the donkey and said "Hello Donkey, I'm Sidney Alun!"
Luke would NOT touch the teats of this dairy cow.

We carved a basic jack-o-lantern... Next year I am going to make more of an effort to do a fun pumpkin...

Stephen & the Babies
We cut off the legs of our old table and made it an activity table for in the garage.
Stephen added wheels so I could move it outside when the weather is nice.
Brie, Sidney, Mitchell, Ivy & Luke
We used finger paint for their pumpkins...
When I told Ivy not to eat the paint, she said "It's not Ketchup!"
She must have said it a million times.
(I swear he does know how to smile!)

The finale, Halloween day! We all went as Star Trek... Nerdy, I know... I wonder how long we will be able to force them to wear what we want!

I do know that this will be the last year that I make the costumes... Many moons ago, we dressed up as Star Trek for a girlfriends Halloween birthday in New York, so I had seen her whip up the shirts. I thought it was no biggie for me to copy what she had done. It wasn't really hard, but by the 3rd one, I was like "Are you kidding me?? Four to go??"

We had our toddler party at my sister Amy's house this year... It was more of an excuse to get our friends together that it was to have a party for the toddlers. We trick or treated at a few houses, then came home to get the little ones to bed! I thought because they were up an hour and a half after their bed time I would be able to sleep in, but no such luck. Someone is ALWAYS up at 6!

Stephen & Me
Mitchell, Ivy, Brie, Sidney & Luke
Ivy, Luke, Sidney, Mitchell & Brie
Star Trek vs. Star Wars
My Boys & Me
Stephen & Ivy
The Farleys went as Star Wars... There is a big rivalry b/t
Star Trek and Star Wars...

So as I am re-reading this, I realize that I still refer to my babies as babies... But they are not really babies anymore... What do I call them? "Quints" sounds so generic and "Children" sounds so adult-like and "Kids" just doesn't sound right either. Hmmmmm.....

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Vegas Baby

I had been jones-ing for a baby free vacation for a while, so when Stephen told me that he was going to take customers to Vegas for a weekend, I jumped all over it! Before children when he had to take customers, I didn't have much interest in going with him, but after children, he couldn't leave me behind if he tried!!

Now, this was by far the LAZIEST Vegas vacation that I have ever taken... No shows, No clubs, No walking up and down the Strip, No spa appointments... And let me tell you, doing NOTHING never felt better. Our days consisted of waking up late, eating brunch, laying by the pool, napping, a fun dinner, bed. (Oh, and of course I had to shop one afternoon...)

A much needed time away and a huge thank you to our friends Lolly & Bella for taking the babies! Love. Them.

Stayed at the Encore -- Awesome! Would recommend staying here for sure!

After Dinner
(We ate in the Aria Casino... I want to stay there next time!)

Sushi @ Nobu
Overflowing Saki Box...

Stephen & Me with his customers Gary and Lynne
We had just left Minus 5, which is bar that is made of all ice and is 23 degrees F. Even the glasses were made out of ice. They gave you jackets and gloves before you went inside, hence Stephen's cool hat.