Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Vegas Baby

I had been jones-ing for a baby free vacation for a while, so when Stephen told me that he was going to take customers to Vegas for a weekend, I jumped all over it! Before children when he had to take customers, I didn't have much interest in going with him, but after children, he couldn't leave me behind if he tried!!

Now, this was by far the LAZIEST Vegas vacation that I have ever taken... No shows, No clubs, No walking up and down the Strip, No spa appointments... And let me tell you, doing NOTHING never felt better. Our days consisted of waking up late, eating brunch, laying by the pool, napping, a fun dinner, bed. (Oh, and of course I had to shop one afternoon...)

A much needed time away and a huge thank you to our friends Lolly & Bella for taking the babies! Love. Them.

Stayed at the Encore -- Awesome! Would recommend staying here for sure!

After Dinner
(We ate in the Aria Casino... I want to stay there next time!)

Sushi @ Nobu
Overflowing Saki Box...

Stephen & Me with his customers Gary and Lynne
We had just left Minus 5, which is bar that is made of all ice and is 23 degrees F. Even the glasses were made out of ice. They gave you jackets and gloves before you went inside, hence Stephen's cool hat.


  1. Look at you, hot mama! Glad you got away for a little bit and enjoyed doing nothing! Big props to Lolly & Bella for taking the babies!

  2. Oh! You were SO close. Looks like you had a great time! Nothing, is sometimes, very good!