Tuesday, March 30, 2010


So, it was a GORGE Saturday and Stephen and I were up for an outing with the babies and I thought... why not the Houston Rodeo?? Now, I knew that it might be a titch crowded but it would be worth it for the babies to see the animals and for me to have carnival food and see the cowboys. Well, maybe not the cowboys so much as the crazy cowboy gear everyone tries to wear. (Saw some hilarious outfits!!)

We scored rock-star parking and were with our B/F/F's, so even though it was crazy crowed and we had to stand in line to see even chickens, we had a good time.

I felt a little sorry for my children because I didn't let them get out of their wagons once... The petting zoo was so crowded that I knew I would leave with a goat instead of a baby. I stopped feeling guilty when, my sister, Amy, came out with a hole in her shirt from a deer and poop ALL over her shoes. (I handle enough poop in one day that I don't need extra!!)

I decided that before we left we needed a Howell family picture and when I saw the mechanical bull, I knew that it was the perfect spot!!! How wrong was I... The babies FREAKED out and no, it wasn't even moving. Needless to say, I didn't get a family picture. (Having a fifth baby is always tricky when taking pictures with just me and Stephen, but it is impossible when all of the babies are freaking out... Thanks, Damon for standing in the midst of our chaos!)

Making Our Way In...
My Babies in Choo-Choo Wagons with Me and Uncle Damon
Aiden & Brynne in Double Stroller with Stephen
(It never stays this way because my babies love the Farley
stroller and when someone gets fussy we switch them out!)

Left - Luke, Ivy
Right - Sidney, Mitchell, Briellen

The days of having our pic taken just the two of us are over...
We can NOT resist our nephew Aiden!

Seeing the Chickens...

Sidney's our meat eater...
p.s. the same worker who told me "That's a big ol' family" earlier,
said "That's a big ol' turkey leg." Gotta love Texas.

Our B/F/F's -- The Farley's

Our other B/F/F's -- The Wagners

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Happy St. Patty's

We had such a fun St. Patty's day... I literally played ALL day long! My college roommate, Kimber came into town with her 2 year old so we went to my sister Amy's to hang out all day... It was the typical chaos, but, oh, so much fun!! Luckily, I was able to spend the previous night with Kimber without my babies so we got to catch up! Such good memories...

Mitchell, Brie, Sidney, Ivy, Luke
Brie would FREAK out when I took her milk away for the pic,
so I thought who cares.

It is getting exponentially harder to get them to be still for a picture.
We tried to get my kids and Amy's kids together for a pic and this
is the best that we got....

Me and My B/F/F Amy

Kimber w/ Brie, Sidney, Aiden, Luke,
& her red-headed cutie, Cade

After the babies went down, Stephen and I went to meet our friends RJ & Susan for dinner. Every year, I say that I want to go to an Irish pub and have a green beer on St. Patty's day and every year we go and it's miserably packed as everyone in Houston had the same brilliant idea... Now that my life is so hectic and time is more meaningful to me, plus, the fact that I don't even like beer, I threw away the Irish pub idea and went to this adorable little wine bar minutes away from our house. To my sheer delight, they offered a green prosecco!! (Italian sparkling Wine.) It was a short evening, but we had good food and were with great friends!
Stephen & Susan

Susan & Me!

p.s. When I was posting the above pic, I realize how much I have changed over the past few years... Here I am going to dinner, no shower, no tan, greasy hair and happier that ever!!!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

California Love!!

The monotony of winter life was KILLING me... endless runny noses, being couped up inside our teeny house, missing the sunshine!! So when my girlfriend in California, Kari, told me about her baby shower, I was like, "I'm OUTTA here!"

Before being married and having children, my travel partner was my sister Amy. We went everywhere together... From silly Mardi Gras and Cancun trips in college to more elaborate Europe trips as we got older -- we were ALWAYS together. As we got older are trips started to dwindle and the ones we did go on always included our hubbies. The reason I mention this, is she came with me to the shower in California and it was the first time in forever that it was just us! You should have heard the things we talked about on the plane. Since when is a 4 hour plane ride so much fun?!?

It was such a perfect girly weekend with my girls! Spa pedicures, shopping in adorable boutiques, lots of wine and lots of girl talk. (Well, Kari's husband Bob, is not a girl, but I consider him one of my girlfriends just the same. Will he kill me for saying that?)

"Pedicure on my Toes, Toes"
"Tryin' on all my Clothes, Clothes"

Shopping @ Farmers Market

Now, we all know that baby showers can be a little, well, how do you say it, baby shower-ish... But Kari's mom out did herself... It was so nice!
The best part -- the cupcakes!! (I am an ADDICT.)
The worst part -- decorating baby onesies... I am an engineer, people, not an artist!
Embarrassingly enough, Kari ended up "fixing" my onesie just make it decent. I can tell you for certain what Baby Girl won't be wearing this spring.

Pom-osas @ Shower

Stephen and Nonna held down the fort here while I was gone!! Thank you guys so much for letting me get a much needed break.

Nonna with Everyone But Ivy

P.S. Funny fact - I delivered my babies when I was 30 weeks and 5 days... Exactly how far along Kari was the day we got to California. Look at how CUTE she is. Besides cute, she was showing me aerobics moves to help strengthen your core... I couldn't even do them and I'm not pregs! !

P.P.S - Amy delivered her son at 30 weeks and 5 days too!

Kari - 30 weeks 6 days