Sunday, March 21, 2010

Happy St. Patty's

We had such a fun St. Patty's day... I literally played ALL day long! My college roommate, Kimber came into town with her 2 year old so we went to my sister Amy's to hang out all day... It was the typical chaos, but, oh, so much fun!! Luckily, I was able to spend the previous night with Kimber without my babies so we got to catch up! Such good memories...

Mitchell, Brie, Sidney, Ivy, Luke
Brie would FREAK out when I took her milk away for the pic,
so I thought who cares.

It is getting exponentially harder to get them to be still for a picture.
We tried to get my kids and Amy's kids together for a pic and this
is the best that we got....

Me and My B/F/F Amy

Kimber w/ Brie, Sidney, Aiden, Luke,
& her red-headed cutie, Cade

After the babies went down, Stephen and I went to meet our friends RJ & Susan for dinner. Every year, I say that I want to go to an Irish pub and have a green beer on St. Patty's day and every year we go and it's miserably packed as everyone in Houston had the same brilliant idea... Now that my life is so hectic and time is more meaningful to me, plus, the fact that I don't even like beer, I threw away the Irish pub idea and went to this adorable little wine bar minutes away from our house. To my sheer delight, they offered a green prosecco!! (Italian sparkling Wine.) It was a short evening, but we had good food and were with great friends!
Stephen & Susan

Susan & Me!

p.s. When I was posting the above pic, I realize how much I have changed over the past few years... Here I am going to dinner, no shower, no tan, greasy hair and happier that ever!!!


  1. Oh, thank God I am not the only one with greasy hair! :)

  2. I just saw them last week and they look SO BIG in this picture!!! OMG!
    You look adorable even with no tan, and um, greasy hair???? Can't tell!


  3. So glad you were able to get out! I'm sure it was great to catch up with friends!
    Girl, I think you look great!
    It is funny how motherhood changes us! For the better of course, but we sure let alot of things not phase us anymore!!
    Love the green wine!

  4. You are still gorgeous with no shower, no tan, and "greasy hair"... I miss you like crazy!!!!

  5. And the kids are ADORABLE!!

  6. Green champagne!!!! WHYYYYY didn't I think of this earlier!

    Glad to see Sooze smiling :-) XO

  7. why, oh why, didn't i just suck it up and come?!! sweaty, stinky, running clothes & all :) those green prosecos look heavenly.

    funny how, on st. patrick's day, you and sooze both chose to wear blue -- or is it just the camera?

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