Tuesday, March 30, 2010


So, it was a GORGE Saturday and Stephen and I were up for an outing with the babies and I thought... why not the Houston Rodeo?? Now, I knew that it might be a titch crowded but it would be worth it for the babies to see the animals and for me to have carnival food and see the cowboys. Well, maybe not the cowboys so much as the crazy cowboy gear everyone tries to wear. (Saw some hilarious outfits!!)

We scored rock-star parking and were with our B/F/F's, so even though it was crazy crowed and we had to stand in line to see even chickens, we had a good time.

I felt a little sorry for my children because I didn't let them get out of their wagons once... The petting zoo was so crowded that I knew I would leave with a goat instead of a baby. I stopped feeling guilty when, my sister, Amy, came out with a hole in her shirt from a deer and poop ALL over her shoes. (I handle enough poop in one day that I don't need extra!!)

I decided that before we left we needed a Howell family picture and when I saw the mechanical bull, I knew that it was the perfect spot!!! How wrong was I... The babies FREAKED out and no, it wasn't even moving. Needless to say, I didn't get a family picture. (Having a fifth baby is always tricky when taking pictures with just me and Stephen, but it is impossible when all of the babies are freaking out... Thanks, Damon for standing in the midst of our chaos!)

Making Our Way In...
My Babies in Choo-Choo Wagons with Me and Uncle Damon
Aiden & Brynne in Double Stroller with Stephen
(It never stays this way because my babies love the Farley
stroller and when someone gets fussy we switch them out!)

Left - Luke, Ivy
Right - Sidney, Mitchell, Briellen

The days of having our pic taken just the two of us are over...
We can NOT resist our nephew Aiden!

Seeing the Chickens...

Sidney's our meat eater...
p.s. the same worker who told me "That's a big ol' family" earlier,
said "That's a big ol' turkey leg." Gotta love Texas.

Our B/F/F's -- The Farley's

Our other B/F/F's -- The Wagners


  1. Where is that adorable paisley tunic from? I love it! You look great!

  2. Wow...you are a brave woman!! I thought I was going to go craxy with 2 kids at the Rodeo this year!! lol
    Love all the pics!! Those are some beautiful strawberry blonde babies!!!

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  4. I love your pictures! You look like you are all loving your life!

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  7. random comments??!!!!

    first of all, the deer didn't chew a hole in my shirt -- just chewed on my shirt. and poop was only all over ONE shoe! but the petting zoo was ridiculous & you were right to keep your children far, far from it!!

    you guys are our b/f/fs too!! even the ridiculous chaos is so much more fun when you're there to share! (not to mention post-rodeo nap-time margs in the backyard!)

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  9. Hello,
    My name is Chloe I'm Lily's Cousin! Your quints have gotten so big!!!
    My nicname on my blog is Annabeth :)