Tuesday, December 30, 2008

6 Month Update

I can't believe that holidays came and went so fast! I don't think that I have ever been so busy. Shopping, Wrapping gifts, Christmas Cards. Well, I only got half of my cards out and none of my shopping for Stephens family done yet, but I tried really hard.

Mitchell, Ivy, Luke, Sidney, Brie

Here is what has been going on with us this past month:

The weekend after Christmas, we started the "Ferber" method sleep training for the babies. To be short, it is a cry-it-out method. I was starting to pull my hair out running into the nursery every two seconds to soothe a fussy baby or put a pacifier back in a babies screaming mouth. I was tired of being up all night even though we have night help because there was always someone needing something! SO I took the pacifiers away and let them cry... And it WORKED! There were many times that I didn't think it would and many times I was crying as hard as they were, but in the long run bedtime and night times are a million times better. Naps are getting better. Next step, take away 2 am bottle!

We are working our way through Stage 1 Foods... So far, they like sweet potatoes the best. Little Ms. Brie still throws a big hissy fit if food even gets near her mouth. You wouldn't believe how silly I have to be to distract her just to get two bites into her mouth... After the 2 bites, it's a major meltdown. I am tempted to just let her skip dinner, but I am more stubborn than she is and try every evening. Oh, my babies reminded me that I live a not-so-glamorous life anymore the day after we tried prunes!!

This week we had sickness creep in our home. Despite my Nazi behavior when it comes to hand-washing, some how Mitchell caught a cold. Brie and Ivy caught it next and I am just waiting for Sidney and Luke to get it... Like I don't have enough to do already, we just added inhalers, saline drops and bulb syringes to my list!

The babies are rolling around, drooling like mad, laughing and talking all the time. Things are becoming a titch easier... Maybe I will survive!

More Christmas Pics:

Papa & Sidney

Stephen & Brie

Uncle Neal & Luke

Aunt MarMar & Ivy & Cousin Brynne

Aunt Mimi & Ivy

Margaret, Ellen, Amy

Grandma Nain & Luke

Monday, December 8, 2008

Look at the Difference!!

Luke & Mitchell in their portable crib in Phoenix before we came home.

Luke & Mitchell @ 5 Months in the same "crib." It's actually Mitchell's nap place as he is SO loud when he cries, he has to nap away from the others. We call it his isolation box.

Weights as of last week:
Mitchell - 12lbs 9oz
Luke - 12lbs 4oz
Ivy - 12lbs 3oz
Sidney - 10lbs 5 oz
Briellen - 10lbs