Wednesday, September 10, 2008


So, I am the biggest procrastinator on this planet... With five babies, there are certain things you absolutely can not procrastinate on, like mixing formula, making bottles, feeding babies, etc... So when there is something that can wait, I jump on the opportunity. As you can see from Sidney, I thought that trimming nails could wait. Apparently, it can not! And let me tell you that the girls do not like mani/pedi's as much as I do.

Sidney Scratches

When you see all of the adorable pictures of multiple babies, I do NOT know how they do it... I have tried a million times to get a picture with all five looking like their cute selves, but try as I might someone is always cranky or squinting or poking someone else or spitting up or whatever. Time to call the professionals!!!

Sidney, Luke, Ivy, Mitchell, Briellen
I still can't believe that I have five!! My girlfriend Dana, my sister Amy and I were taking care of the babies one Saturday... And it felt like we were babysitting. We were like, "Where are the adults??"


  1. You are not the only mom who has thought those nails could wait, and that is with just one baby!!

    What cuties. I like 'real' photos over perfect ones any day.

    Hope my guys all get healthy so I can sign up to come hold a baby or two or three.....


  2. They are just adorable!!!
    I applaud you for even updating at all!! (even though us bloggers patiently wait for news and pics!!)
    That has to be such a strange yet wonderful feeling to know you had 5!!

  3. The babies are looking great. I know you must be EXHAUSTED! Hang in there.

    Just wanted to pass on a quick hint for nail trimming... wait until they fall asleep (nap time is best because you don't have to worry about a light waking them up) and then go in for the trim. My daughter used to hate her nails being done so that is what I would do. Hope this helps a little.

  4. It has been great helping you guys out and I have to say that you are AWESOME!!!!! They are so cute and loving.....Keep up the great work mom!

    The Brown Bunch

  5. OMG! I could eat them with a spoon!!!!!!!!!!! Miss ya'll We're hoping to see ya'll soon!
    Love MaMa Jude, PaPa steve

  6. umm I think the pics of them all looking and happy don't happen till 18!! or are just by accident. They are beautiful even when they are screaming.


  7. They are all so sweet....and I love being there helping. I cannot believe they are growing so fast. And there's never a dull moment over there! Love you guys!


  8. Forget about the perfect pic - you'll pull your hair out attempting it! And candid ones are better anyway.

    They look so good! I hope you're adjusting well to being non-stop mommy! It has to feel so good to be back home - There's no place like home, baby!

    I learned to trim our babies' nails when I was bottle feeding them. Sure, they'd normally just get the left side done, but it's better than none. I'd balance the bottle on my chin and hold their left hand with my left hand and trim away. They were too absorbed in the feeding to care!

    Love from KS,
    Banner Good Sam Grad 11/07
    BBGB quads

  9. They are beautiful! I so can not wait to see them on Tuesday!

  10. Awww, aren't they just so cute! I wish we would be well over here too so I can come help out. We are about to take off for Europe but I think my hubby, who LOVES babies, needs to sign up while we are out of town!

  11. They are growing so fast!

  12. It looks like you are doing a great job! Hang in there! I know exactly what you are going through!


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  14. Hey! You don't know me but I have heard alot about you. I heard about your blog from Katie Mathis who is now Katie Krebs. She is my Sister-in-law. I love hearing about your beautiful babies! Keep it up! Hope you all are doing well and I'll be praying for you!
    Alyssa Krebs

  15. so friggin' cute! so glad to see updates, though I know it's nutso for you.

    so glad that you have help.....i still think back to the nuttiness of two preemies to feed. Hopefully your kidlets are better feeders.... took mine 1hr-1 1/2 hrs to feed each.

  16. Praying that your family is coping ok with the devastation of Hurricane Ike. I came across your blog while searching for info on multiple births for my sister and have been following your blog since the birth of your precious babies. When I heard about the Hurricane, I immediately thought of your family having just come home to Houston a few weeks prior. I will continue to pray for all of those affected by the Hurricane but a special prayer will go out to you and your precious new babies!

    Take care and God Bless--

  17. Hi you two- plus five!
    I miss you guys!!! But I am very happy for you and I know how happy you must be to be home! You were by far my very favorite patient to take care of and your mom and all who came to visit were so awesome! I will always hold a very special place in my heart for all of you!
    -Pam Fowler, RN