Sunday, June 15, 2008

Friday the 13TH!!!!!

This is Stephen, for Ellen. I am not superstitious, but Friday was the worst day yet for Ellen(and me). She was unable to talk or even open her eyes. She hurt all over. Fortunately, I was here to complain for her because she still handled it like a trooper. The staff was worried because Ellen was not her normally chipper self, and ran a blood test to check her mag level. She was at a toxic level, which means her body is not processing the mag as well as before. This is to be expected because it has been 8 weeks already. The doctors lowered her level to 3.5g/h and she began to feel better within 4hrs. We were worried because her contractions are always worse at night, and we were headed into the evening. She did great, only needing one extra dose of terbutaline throughout the night.

On a brighter note, the D backs won their baseball game. I don't care for the D backs....Go Astros!......but this was important because they shot off fireworks from their stadium, which is in view of our room.

Anyone who knows Ellen, knows she LOVES fireworks! They lasted for 15 minutes. It was just what she needed going into the scary evening.

More to follow...Ellen is doing much better.

P.S. we are now in our steroid window! (the window in which the babies receive the maximum benefit)


  1. I am so sorry for the rough night, but YEAH!!! to making it alittle longer!! I promise this part will be over before you know it. I'm so happy for you with the fireworks. I know how much the littlest thing can get you thru that rough spot.

    Happy Father's Day to you Stephen! You have already proven what a great dad you are by taking care of the Mama!
    Sending you lots of prayers and happy thoughts,
    (quad mom & former Dr. E patient)

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  3. Fireworks! If we could, we'd have fireworks for you when the babies are finally ready to greet their wonderful parents face to face. Not too much longer now! We're praying daily for your strength to continue. We stand in awe of what you two have been able to do so far. God has blessed our family through yours.

    Kathy, for all the Dodds

  4. Hey Ellen, Stephen, Amy, Neal Jr. and Gladys! Everything sounds like it is right on schedule! Everyone at Church sends Love and Prayers your way! We love ya'll! Just had a great week with Victoria, from Nashville, and a great weekend with Jacob in Birmingham! Love and God Bless, MaMa Jude, PaPa Steve

  5. Continuing to pray for you, Ellen. Hang in there!

  6. Stephen and Ellen,
    I hate that you had such a rough night. It sounds like they are taking good care of Ellen, though. Steven, I am glad you updated the blog. We are thinking of you both. Love, Lisa, Daniel, Casey and Megan.

  7. you guys are so amazing!!!! i love you all so much and am praying like crazy. Isnt god amazing he gave ellen just what she needed as he always does. Keep on truckin guys. you are both so lucky to have such a strong love for each other and an amazing family and friends

    you are my inspiration when i feel like complaining about "the brace" i posted a pic check it out

  8. Ellen,

    We are so glad you made it through that rough time. We prayed for you last night when your Dad gave us an update.

    It is great that you made it to the steroid window! May the Lord continue to sustain you.


  9. I am so sorry to hear about your troubles. Misty keeps me informed most of the time & I check your blog when i can remember. I am so proud of you for keeping the positive attitude! It won't be long. Your on the home strech now. I know you can make it. You truly do have the best support system I have ever seen. Your very blessed to have them all. Can't wait to hear that they are born & safe!!!!! Hang in there you've almost made it. We all love you & are praying for the safe arrival of those little bundles of joy!!!

  10. sorry Ellen. the previous comment was from Wendy. I forgot to put it & our email address says James not Pete & so I wasn't sure you would know it was from us.

  11. Sweet Ellen!!

    I just found out about the quints!!! Wow! I am so very proud of you! You are doing an amazing thing! God gave you such an extraordinary gift....only because he knew you could handle it! Now that I know, I will be praying for you continually! You have already come so far...hang in there a little while longer! I would love to pay you a visit and see you with my own eyes and just love on you! You have always been just a top notch person....and you continue to amaze me! I am so very proud of you!!!

    lots of love,
    Amanda Meschi

  12. thanks for this update, stephen. it's good to know how we can be better pray-ers for you all.

    thirty weeks is around the corner! wow, ellen-- you are doing an amazing job. hang in there mama!

    lots of love.

  13. Oh, wow, fireworks just for you!;0
    Stephen, thanks for the explanation of what happened. I wasn't sure. Just wanted you guys to know I had someone announce at GA in the Women's luncheon (the room was filled with about 300 plus women) about you and asked for prayer. Even though it was announced that your name was HELEN, you were still prayed for and God knew of whom those women prayed!!! Sorry it was incorrect, but kinda funny. Know that we are cheering for you guys and standing on the sidelines pulling for you. We love you and miss you! I'm glad your family can entertain you so well......

  14. Ellen & Stephen,

    I'm a friend of Misty's and we've met briefly a couple of times. I check your blog regularly to see how you guys are all doing and I'm sending you the best wishes possible. I'm amazed at your patience and strength, and am so excited for you to meet your little ones when it's time.

    You have love and hope coming your way from corners of the world that you don't even know about... hang in there!

    Love, Brandy Nickels

  15. Ellen,

    I am so sorry to hear about the rough time you've had lately. The boys, Tony and I are praying daily for you, Stephen and the babies. WOW....30 weeks, that's awesome! ! You've come so far, I'm so proud of you. I miss you dearly and can't wait for you to return home with your precious babies.

    Our thoughts and prayers are with you and Stephen.

    Crystal, Tony, Justin and Noah Nanez

  16. Go Ellen, 31 weeks. Go Ellen, get the steroids. (I'm cabbage patching right now if you could see me!)

    Enjoying the updates and praying for you all.


  17. Hang in there Ellen! You are doing awesome! I am so jeleous of all your wheelchair rides--the most exciting place I got to go when I was in there was hydro! Hurray for fireworks! You are amazing--