Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Steriods and Stuff

We're one day away from Week 29. Things are starting to change - my contractions picked up, so I moved downstairs to the "high maintenance" floor, where they do continuous monitoring. I'm starting to swell and retain fluid (my feet look like bricks!), so they're monitoring for pre-eclampsia as well. So far, I've dodged that bullet!

An update on Baby A's position from last week: they put in a pessary. In non-medical terms, this device keeps her from wiggling out the "wrong" way...I'll leave it at that :)

They finally decided that we couldn't wait any longer to do the steroids shots, so I'm going to get my first round at 1:00 PM today (second round tomorrow). I'm a tich nervous because when they tried to increase my magnesium levels yesterday to slow down contractions, my body didn't tolerate it very well, and they had to turn the mag back down (although my contractions DID slow down somewhat). The doctors don't seem too concerned -- they've assured me that they've got other tricks up their sleeves, should it come to that.

Bottom line: we're still okay and the doctors don't seem worried. And I do my best not to worry as well! It's just too soon, still, for these babies to come into the world!

My brother and sister, Neal & Amy, came to visit me over the weekend. Amy extended her stay to give my mom a break and go home this week. It was super fun having them here. We did the normal stuff: wheelchair ride, laughing, eating, playing games. As Amy is three months pregnant, she is the perfect napping partner!! We missed our little sister Margaret, but it was fun being together again. Stephen stayed at home this weekend for the first time since I've been in the hospital and I couldn't have asked for two better sit-ins to keep my mind off the fact that he wasn't here!

My road is getting a little bit rougher, so your prayers and support mean everything to me right now. We're so close to our goal of 32 weeks!!

Amy & me in the Healing Garden

All three of us in the Healing Garden

Neal & me with typical Arizona greenery

Neal "walking" in my shoes


  1. Ellen,
    Your doing great. It won't be long now. I am sure you can make it to your goal. The Lord will give you the strength that you need. I've never seen Neal being so funny.
    Take care. Love,

  2. Elle,

    You are almost there! You have done such a great job so far and I know you are going to make it your goal. We will be sending extra thoughts to those babies so they stay in just a little bit longer. We love you very much!!!!


  3. you give Amy's "condition" too much credit...she'd be your perfect napping partner even if she weren't pregnant.

  4. Just wanted to let you know that everyone at HSE has been keeping up with the blog and keeping all 7 of you in their prayers.

  5. YOu are doing so awesome!!! 29weeks is great! I am so happy for you. I KNOW you are miserable. I completely know the feet thing too. I swear I had "thankles" ( My legs looked the same all the way down from my thigh to my ankles; it was horrible).
    Sending you lots of prayers! And i still have a roundtrip airline ticket for you if you want it!!!! (southwest airlines)
    quad mom & former Dr. Elliot pt.

  6. wow, you really are at the home stretch, ellen! really, truly AMAZING. :)

    we continue to remember you all in our prayers as you get closer to ending this incredible chapter in your journey and beginning the next one. it is sure to be a story brimming with unbelievable love!

  7. Ellen,

    You and Stephen inspire Bruce and I. You have both showns such strength and courage. We continue to pray for the accelerated growth of your "bunch" and for your own stamina and comfort.

    So... what about those names you hinted at?

  8. so happy for you that you've made it so far. 29 weeks with five is an awesome accomplishment. here's hoping you can hold off until 32!

    hang in there!

  9. Dear Ellen ever since Amy told us Anna & I about the five we have been amazed! We think about you often and can't wait till everyone of you is healthy enough to come to Kojak's. You & Steven and your whole family are inspirations to all of the miracles that abound. Hang in there Kathryn, Mark, Anna & the whole Kojak's crew.

  10. Almost there, sister! You are such an inspiration and an example of ultimate female strength. We are close!!! Hold on and keep fighting.

    Love you,

  11. Ellen,

    I am so happy to see you are still hanging in there. I am praying for you. My heart goes out to you, that magnesium is awful, awful stuff. I remember at one point getting hot flashes while on it, while another day I felt like I had a cement brick on my chest. That is some nasty medicine.

    I know too that those two steroid shots hurt like the dickens. I am so happy to hear you are getting them though. I really credit those shots as the reason my son has done so well with his breathing.

    I wanted to share with you that when I delivered my son at 25 weeks, I remember it was so stressful and so many people were there and all of a sudden it was over. I remember after they got me settled, my poor mom (yes, mom's are the best to help in these situations) and my husband fell asleep from exhaustion. I remember laying in the bed crying and feeling alone because I had grown used to feeling my baby and all of a sudden he was gone from me. I wanted to share that with you to prepare you for whenever the babies come. I never thought I'd feel like that. I'm sure even mom's who deliver full term must feel like this sometime.

    I also wanted to encourage you that if your babies do come early, don't give up that the Lord has brought you this far and it will be ok. Your babies are even farther along than my little guy was and I just know they are going to do great. And, just remember that you did everything that you could and sometimes these things are just out of our hands. That is where our faith comes in.

    I didn't mean for this to be a novel, I just hope it gives you some encouragement from someone who has had a child early and lived through it.

    Hang in there!


  12. You are doing great mom!! Keep it up. Mag is really a stinky feeling medicine, and I am totally there with you on that stuff. I never tolerated it, so I was sick everyday. You are really a spirit, because I was mean and cranky, but also indulged with slushies. YUMMMM! YOu are doing great. My girls were born at 30 weeks, after 6-7 weeks on mag, and a week of demerol and phenergan, and they did great. I have truly been blessed. Your sitters this week look like a lot of fun!!! I look everyday, to see if you update, and I am so excited to see that you are still pregnant. I even make my husband look.

    The Brown Bunch

  13. Ellen,

    We are all happy that you have made it so long and so well. I had the opportunity to talk to several men at GA about you and your family. I don't think any of us has any idea just how many people and churches are praying for you and the babies.

    Rita delivered a little girl in the wee hours of the morning - more than 9 lbs!

    We'll keep praying, you keep hanging in there!

  14. Keep hanging in there, Mamma! We're still keeping you guys in our prayers. You're doing a great job.

  15. Noone told me that HE WAS PREGNANT, too!!! oh my.....;)
    Hang in, sweetie Ellen.....the time is getting near and you are doing phenomenally!! I am so impressed with your determination and faith. Just think, maybe you and Stephen can write a book or make a tv show!!!;)
    Love you, and continue to pray for you all.