Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Happy Birth Day!

30 weeks and 5 days, Ellen's water broke in one of the babies. Hear is the short version. We will fill you in later.

Ellen is doing well. We just saw the babies in the NICU. They are doing well.

A - Sidney Alun - Girl - 2lbs 10oz
B - Ivy Elizabeth - Girl - 2lbs 8oz
C - Mitchell Thomas - Boy - 2lbs 15oz
D - Luke Harrison - Boy - 2lbs 15oz
E - Briellen Jeanette - Girl 2lbs 6oz

Promise to tell more later.


  1. Way to go! El get some much needed rest! We are so excited that they are doing well. Keep us posted and we will keep praying.
    Much love,
    Terri Pyle

  2. congratulations!!!

    Love the names!

  3. Praising the Lord with you on the safe arrival of these precious children. I can't wait to meet them.

  4. Congratulations!! I am so glad the babies are doing so well. And, I'm praying they can stay off off the ventilator and that feedings will go well when they start that.

    If y'all need to talk to someone who has been through the NICU experience, please don't hesitate to contact me. Suzanne Joffroin can help get me if you don't still have my contact info.

    Happy Birthday sweet babies!!


  5. Welcome to the five children. Praise God for His goodness. (Ivy Elizabeth is the name of our four year old grandaughter!!)

    Love and hugs,

    John and Mary

  6. Congratulations! Am hoping that things go smoothly for you! Keeping your five in my thoughts as they grow...

  7. I love you so, so much Boo!!! I'm proud of you and Stephen. I'll see you all on Friday.

  8. Congratulations!! So excited that all went well and babies are healthy. Get some well deserved rest. Beautiful names.


  9. Wish I was coming on Friday with Margaret. I am beside myself with excitement for you all. I am just wishing I was there to see each one! I love their names, and look forward to my shifts in helping care for them!! Love you and so glad to hear how well ya'll are doing. YOU made it by God's grace. We are thanking HIM for this miracle!


  10. El~
    One adventure is over, and 5 new ones begin! How exciting! I am so happy for you and stephen! I can't wait to see a glimpse of these little ones! Great job bring them into the world. There is no doubt in my mind that you will be an AWESOME mommy and daddy to these babies!!!

    love yall!


  11. Congratulations! God is amazing in His providence to allow you to go so long with the babies. Can't wait to see pictures.


  12. Yeah! We'll continue to keep all of you guys in our prayers. We love you!
    Drew, Jess, & Mason

  13. Congrats!! This is so exciting. The names are beautiful and I'm sure the babies are even more beautiful. Can't wait to see them.

  14. Congrats and welcome to parenthood. Its the biggest roller coaster you will ever ride but worth every minute of joy it brings you.

  15. Ahh! How exciting. Great job Ellen! Well done. We will be praying for your family.

  16. Congratulations, Ellen! And great names! ;-)

  17. We are so excited. It is funny how God works, I started the baby bedding yesterday morning. Can't wait to see all of you.


    Can't wait to hear more! :) Oh, and see pics of those beautiful babes!

  19. What a blessing to get the news that all is well!!!!!!!!!!1 Our office said a grand prayer of thank YOU, GOD for answering all of our prayers.
    We all love the names and look forward to pictures and more info.
    We will continue to pray for your recovery and the babies development. We are all so happy.

  20. What a blessing! There was much rejoicing! I hope to see you soon.


  21. We are so excited here at the Jackson household. Praise God for this wonderful blessing! We will continue to pray for all of you.
    Much love,
    Judy Jackson

  22. Congrats Ellen, I knew you could do it! Now let the fun times begin...

  23. Luke Harrison...I guess Stephen picked that one, huh?

    I am so happy to hear you and the babies are doing ok!! Wish I could be there to celebrate with you.

    Much Love!

    I am so happy for you two. We look forward to welcoming you all back to Houston ... and especially having the opportunity to help you any way we can... like holding and loving these new little ones.
    Dianna & Pete (Kim's parents)

  25. Wahoo! Wahoo!

    Happy Birth Day to all ya'll!

    Welcome one and all. Can't wait for the homecoming!!

    Praise God from whom all blessings flow. (to the tune of "old Hundredth")

    Hugs from Katy,
    Janie N

  26. hurray , my thoughts and prays are with you and your new 5 little ones hoping for a speedy hospitla stay so all 7 of you can go home rela soon abck to texas .

  27. CONGRATULATIONS! We are still praying for health, stability and weight gain for the babies. You did great, Ellen - you, too, Stephen. Can't wait to visit with the whole family!

  28. Congratulations!!!!!!!! I love each of the names. Those are awesome weights too! I will keep all of you in my prayers. Elle, you can take that deep breath!
    I look forward to the all of the updates,
    Misty & the girls!!

  29. Congratualtions!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so happy things are going well. Hope all of you get some much needed rest. Can't wait to see pictures of those little cutties.
    My girls were so excited to see what you named them all. Great names!

  30. Congratulations! I am so happy to hear that you and all the babies are doing well! Awesome names, I love them. You are the talk of the office. Everyone is so excited! We can't wait to see pictures! You and the babies will continue to be in my thoughts and prayers. Ellen - rest up. Babies - grow stong. All - come home soon!

  31. Hi Ellen - I know you don't know me but I am Allen Moser's daughter ( from GE) He sent me the link to your blog and I just read through the entire thing. Having twins myself, I can't imagine the roller coaster you have just gone through. I am so blessed that God has brought these babies healthy and safely to you. I just wanted to say Congratulations and would love to some day meet you and your beautiful family.
    God Bless - we are praying for all seven of you and all of the family that has been so wonderful to take care of you - You are so blessed!
    Sarah Tucker

  32. Elle... not bad.... NOT BAD FOR A SUPER-HUMAN-BEING!! LOL

    It's just too perfect that you made it exactly the length Amy carried Aiden!!

    Your demonstration of Positive Mental Attitude for the whole pregnancy is inspiring on so many levels.

    Love you and Steve can wait to see you guys.... AND YOUR FAMILY soon!

    oh and Ames... Awesome job on keeping everyone updated via the Cell/text chain!!! kisses

  33. OH My!! I just left you a voicemail, not even knowing what was going on then logged on and saw the news! I can't believe it. We are ready to help!!!
    Tracy Carson

  34. Stephen and Ellen,
    Wow! Congratulations. We are so glad they everything worked out the way it was supposed to! We love all seven of you. Can't wait to meet the babies. Much love, Lisa, Daniel, Casey and Megan.

  35. CONGRATS!!!!! Welcome to the world you small miracles, GREAT GREAT GREAT Job mommy. Daddy you did a fantastic job too.....I think that you guys are wonderful...Try and rest a lot while you can, the hard work to get them here was only the beginning......CONGRATS from The Brown Bunch!!!!!

  36. Yea!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I can't believe they're here! Can't wait to see ya'll, Love and God Bless!(Great Job Ellen and Steve.)
    Ma Ma Jude Pa Pa Steve

  37. What to even say - you just birthed five perfect little babies! What a feat Ellen, and what a beautiful miracle from above. We are so happy and so thankful for the news.

    So many stages ahead - time will go by so fast! Don't blink! Knowing that you & Steve are creating five people in this world is a warm and wonderful thing - I could not imagine more fun-loving, open, kind and character-filled people. God definitely knows what He is doing! :)

    So much love your way! ~Jackie

  38. Congratulations Elle and Stephen - I have been following your blog for over 4 months and I am so happy your babies are doing great! You always brought our office a ray of sunshine with your smile. Can't wait to see pictures of all your beautiful babies.
    Terri Dauzat - Gexpro - Houston

  39. I am sooo completely amazed by your strength, courage and love for your children. I know that the 2 of you will be such wonderful parents and I am so glad to hear that you are all doing well! Simply cannoy wait to meet them!!


  40. Yeah! Congratulations to you and Stephen! So glad to hear that you and the babies are doing well. We continue to pray for their health and your recovery. I can't wait to see them!

  41. Stephen and Elle,

    Words cannot even begin to express how happy we are for you. You did an amazing job and your children will be forever grateful. You are going to be the most amazing parents, I truly believe that god does not give you anything that you can't handle. I can't wait to see pictures and meet them. Congratulations!!!!
    We love you all very much!

    Nicole, Tommy and Cade

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  43. Just browsing through old posts to get to know you better. What a wonderful, exciting, frightening day this must have been! Can't wait to read more.