Monday, June 23, 2008

Week 30!

Week 30 is an incredible milestone! Ellie is not feeling well, and cannot do much more than grow babies right now. She is doing a wonderful job though. This is Stephen filling in for her. I hope she will feel better soon. The babies are doing well and moving all of the time. Ellen and I enjoy feeling them move around.

Susie, our nutritionist arranged for a special dinner setting for Ellen, Neal, Gwladys, and I. We had Cheesecake Factory.
Here is Susie with her arrangement....Thank You!
Ellen's dad Neal popped in for a surprise visit! It really made her weekend!
He perked up Gwladys a little as well. I kind of liked having him a round too to be honest.
Dr. Gioia came in to do heart tones on her day off. She is very sweet!
Ellen had to have a picture with Dr. Gioia's adorable outfit. That is Ellen's word. I mean I think it is a very cute outfit also, but I rarely use the word adorable in public. Any way it is a good picture with two beautiful women.........and Neal in the background a bit.

As I said before Ellen is not feeling very well. Her feet are swollen as well as her tummy. She is tough, but still a fighter. I am so proud of her, words cannot explain.

We are so close now. The babies are growing well. Ellen's labs are level, meaning she can make it further still. Please pray for Ellie's comfort and perseverance. She is so strong, but getting tired toward the end of the marathon. We have a few more miles to go. Please help cheer her on with some uplifting comments. Thanks for all the support we have received so far, and to come!


  1. Congratulations on week 30!!! What a huge milestone!

    Now let's hope you can last another 4 weeks!!!

  2. Ellen,

    You are such a courageous woman! Your children have a great role model already. Just keep hanging in there, day by day, walking by faith that the Lord will uphold you, as he has promised.

    We continue to pray for your comford, strenth, and peace during the last few weeks.

    Missing your smiling face around church (and Stephen's too!).

  3. Oh Ellen, I am sitting here with tears in my eyes. I am so proud of you for making it to 30 weeks. It is such an accomplishment, a huge milestone for the babies. I know you feel yucky and that you are so uncomfortable, but I pray that the time will go quickly for you.

    I remember when I was on bedrest, my day would consist of watching the morning shows, then I'd hear the food cart come around 11:45 for lunch, then I'd watch the Young and the Restless from 12:30 to 1:30 (my own guilty pleasure) and then other shows would come and then it would be time for dinner. It is funny how little things in the hospital can help you track time. I am glad to see it looks like you've been able to make it out of the bed in the past. I think that an occasional tour out of that room can be so good for you. I was on complete bedrest and couldn't get up for anything, so that was so hard.

    I am now 21 weeks in my pregnancy and we are keeping our fingers crossed I don't go into preterm labor again. So far things are going well. Isn't it amazing to think we both will have sweet babies to hold before the holidays?

    Hang in there girl, you are doing great!


  4. p.s. Yes, Dr. Gioia's outfit is adorable!! LOL

  5. Ellen!

    You are so brave!! You are almost there! 30 weeks and counting. It is good to see that you still have your sense of humor....or should I say style....through all of this! Just think, in a few weeks, you will forget about all of this discomfort and pain and you will be holding you sweet babies! When can I come! I already told Keith that I want to come and help. These babies are miracles, and I can't think of anyone better to carry them and love and nurture them then you and stephen! You are blessed beyond measure! Hang in would be long now!

    Love you!

    Amanda Meschi

  6. Ellen, we are continuing to pray for you, Stephen and those babies.

    I am glad to read that you still have a desire for style. LOL

    Here is a verse for you today:
    Isaiah 40:31 but they who wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings like eagles; they shall run and not be weary; they shall walk and not faint.

    Hang in there!!!

  7. Oh, Ellen,
    You are truly a picture of God's love. Your smiles just fill my room and make me smile right back.

    I had nursery pleasure this past Sunday. We had one baby and 5 toddlers! All we could talk about was how much fun it will be when we get to play with the quints! I'm sure there will be some healthy competition for a spot on the nursery roster.

    For those of us back here it is amazing that you are so close to the finish line already. I know your perspective is probably a bit different but the time is drawing near. Praying for your continued strength and praising God for all He has done.

    Hugs from Katy,
    Janie N

  8. OH Ellen, you are magnificent! I know you are really,really uncomfortable now, you are so close to the most amazing time in your life. Keep your beautiful smile. Michael and I are praying for you Stephen and the babies. Look forward to meetin your beautiful crew!


  9. Well, YOU dearie, are the adorable one!! Her outfit is cute, but your smile is even cuter!!!;)
    Go, girl, go.....hang in there, and think how GREAT it's gonna be to not be pregnant anymore and to be able to love on babies all the time.
    In the airplane on Sunday coming back from Nashville, there was a couple from Houston (they probably live nearer to you than me) with a 3 month old. I COULD NOT stop looking at him...he was ADORABLE, too. He was beyond cute, and I really wanted to scoop him up. Can I scoop some of your babies soon???? Please oh, please say YES. I look forward to being a grammy one day, too. And I"d LOVE to practice on your sweetie pies! ;)
    Take care; know that we are praying for you. My ladies group of 40 something is also praying for you.
    Good news too, from Judy, the Phoenix friend whose husband was hospitalized...that gwladys talked to. He is doing very well, and hopefully will get to head home this week.
    love you Ellen, and can't wait to hear how week 31 is going!


  10. You don't know me, but I just started following your blog, and you amaze me. (I live in Houston too). You look so cute in everyone of your pictures! Hang in there...only a little more to go until you meet your children and become a mommy!!!

  11. We have been praying for you constantly and are thrilled that you have made it to 30 weeks. Kendall and Preston have been following your progress and are excited for the babies to come (but not too soon) :o)
    May God continue to hold your hand and give you peace and courage.
    Much love,
    Judy Jackson

  12. wow your doing great . your at the best palce to have your babies and have the best dr in the world .. just found your blog , now i have a quint mom and 2 quad moms to follow . good luck to your goal of 32 weeks .

    oj yes my name is jerry im a nurse in orlando fl .

  13. misty just emaild me the delivery news. We are all praying for you & those sweet little babies. This will definatly be the best part of this whole process. When you hear all 5 little cries & get to see their cute little faces. I know you & Stephen will be great parents, as you have had EXCELLENT role modles!! Good Luck this evening & hope you start feeling better soon. Your sweet smile makes it all look so easy.

    Love, Wendy & Pete

  14. Elle,

    I am saying lots of prayers and sending good wishes!!! You are going to do great and all of the babies are going to be just wonderful! I can't wait to see pictures of the quints!


  15. Hey Ellen,

    Hang in there! You are doing great. We all can't wait to see pics of the babies.

    p.s. The guys at Powell want to know if Dr. Gioia is single and wants to move to Houston. j/k

  16. Hi Ellen,

    Misty send pictures of Avery's one year old b-day party and I found your Blog! I've been thinking about you! Misty sent an update today saying that you are going to deliver tonight!!! Hang in there Ms. Thang!!!! I can't imagine how tough all of this must be, but physical relief is on its way. It won't be long before you can see your toes again. btw, they look cute in the pic so somebody must be giving you good pedicures!

    Big Hugs and Prayers from Austin,
    Debra (and Roberto)

  17. Heard thru the PCA grapevine that those babies are comin out tonight - will be praying for safe, healthy blessings.

    For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind.
    2 Timothy 1:7

  18. Ellen,
    I am so in awe of you! You are going longer than me and you have 5!!!!! Wahooo!!!!! I'm soooo happy for you and Stephen. Stephen, you are doing a great job by writing in for her. I know how much the support of your partner can do for you on the last leg of the "marathon". I'm keeping you both in my prayers. And I still have a Southwest roundtrip ticket for ya'll!!!!! (For either you Stephen with going back & forth or for one of the grandparents). Just email me

    You look great Ellen, and you are doing awesome!

  19. Keeping you guys in our thoughts and prayers, and praying that everything goes smoothly this evening! We love you and we miss you lots. We can't wait to meet the quints!

  20. You have done an AMAZING job, sister! I love you and my thoughts are with all of you tonight. I simply cannot wait to meet them all.


    Susan, RJ and Eli

  21. Hi Ellen. I'm praying for you know and I hope things are going well. Suzanne gave me an update.


  22. We love you and are praying for you constantly. Keep up the good work.

    The Campbells

  23. Praise God for the safe arrival of your children!! We have been praying for you consistently, but you have been especially on my heart and mind today. Now I know why. :-) I will certainly continue to pray for you, your children, Stephen, and your family. May God continue to bless you all.

  24. So very exciting to hear of the arrival of those babies!

  25. Wow 30 weeks you are doing great!! welcome to the world of quints. I know right now the meg is making you sick and it seems your belly is bigger then you could ever imagine. I remember feeling so lonely and scared for myself and children. I longed for fresh air and being able to do things on my own, oh like showering and going to the bathroom. I know you have been on bed rest so long days are unbearable. If you were like me just as morning sickness wore off I was put on bed rest. It felt strange friends, family and seasons all changed and their I was in the same place getting bigger and bigger. The day you have these babies a whole new world emerges. You will feel relieved to have them in the world but at the same time out of control. Nurses and doctors will be taking care of your children instead of you. For me that seemed unnatural. I felt I had some control of my life when they were in my belly. I really pushed my recovery because I felt I need to be with the babies all the time. Take the nicu day by day. Establish a relationship with the nurses it will put your mind at ease. People will flood you in the beginning ,try to embrace it and allow them to take care of you and the babies. TV interviews and cameras will flood your life. I put on a smile while them cameras were on and when they were off I cried. It is overwhelming this life but on the other hand rewarding. I have gone from 75 volunteers too 10 amazing women that love my kids and my family. The craziness will change month to month. If you need any help with anything please contact me. My website has the birth of my quints and some of daily life. You are golden now 30 weeks, good job mama. this journey is almost over.

    Lots of hugs,
    Courtnee Stevenson

  26. Ellen & Stephen all our prayers are with you and the babies for a safe and healthy delivery for all. Look forward to seeing pictures of your new family.

    Michael & Sharon

  27. I know this comment is on an old post bu ti am just now getting a chance to look through your blog (youll see life with multiples at home, and you have one more than me:)) but i had to say my feet and ankles look EXACTLY the same. It was so painful. Ted hose did nothing and compression things didnt either. How irritating was that? :)