Wednesday, May 28, 2008

One Awesome Mom -- Gwladys Ann

For those of you who don't know, my mom is the one staying with me while I am in Phoenix... I wanted to post this for Mothers Day, but am a little behind. (Can you imagine why???) There is no way that I could have ever done this without her. Every one here talks about my great support system and how that is one of the reasons that I am doing so well.... She is at the top of my support system!

Thank you, Mom, for traipsing through 110 degree weather every day to:
-Feed me non-hospital food
-Rub lotion on my feet and belly
-Wash my feet and hair
-Find ways to entertain me when I get bored
-Hold my hand during new IV's
-Wash my clothes so they don't stink like hospital
-Run the shuttle service back and forth from the airport to pick up Stephen and my friends who come and visit
-Decorate my room for Memorial Day
-Run errands for me when I think of new things that I want
-Be my cheerleader when I am feeling down

I hope that one day I will be as good as of mom as she is!!!

P.S. Thank you, Dad, for letting mom leave you and come and take care of me. She misses you tons!
Mom & Dad

Last Year @ Misty's Wedding


  1. Long time reader, first time poster. I love the page, and the blog is fantastic. I was just thinking you should go for all Q names. I've found a couple of pages I think might be useful. good luck and all the best.
    -Quint Fan

  2. Mom's are the best. i wouldn't have made it thru without mine either!
    I know you are goign to make a fabulous MOM too!

  3. Hi Ellen! I e-mailed you a couple of months ago about a PCA connection that we might have...of course you are super busy and I totally understand but I just wanted you to know that I am in Scottsdale and ready to help with anything now or later. Our women's ministry at our church, Covenant Community is also willing to lend a hand so just let me know. (You can contact me through my blog). Press on, we are praying for you!
    Tracy Carson

  4. Awww,Ellen, that is sweet. Your mom is precious! I totally agree with you there!

  5. Yay, I am so glad Tracy posted. I do hope ya'll can connect and meet. I found Peggy thru the WIC yahoo group, and she told Tracy and the other women at their church! Thanks girls!
    Anyway, Missy Ellen, you made me cry with your sweet post today. It is pretty grand to have a mamma like yours. Makes me miss mine, but I do have a very special mother in law who makes up for the absence of mine. I think you have a GREAT mother, and how sweet that she does all of that for you! Of course we ALL miss her HERE, as we do you, too! And you've got some good role modeling, so I am sure you are going to be one great mamma, too! It's not like you will lack practice!! ;) So glad to hear your chipperness in your posting! Love ya!

  6. Ellen,

    The whole church was glad to get an update from your Dad this weekend (and the blog as well). We're excited that you are doing so well, and we can't wait until you and the babies come back.

    We are moving ahead with the building - I hope to see trucks across from your parents' house by July! Now if we can only figure out how to house so many newborn babies (maybe 10!) in our new nursery.

  7. Josh and I were glad to hear you've made it to 28 weeks. We enjoy reading your blog, and we've both been praying for you!

    -Katie (Mathis) Krebs