Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Week 25 Update!

(it's still Stephen)
We made it to week 25! Ellen is doing well. She is still on the same levels of Mag and Terb and will not likely be taken down, but her spirits are high. Her contractions are steadily around 5-7 an hour. The plan at this point is to try to get to week 28 before administering the steroids that will help the babies develop. Dr. Elliott is concerned that the steroids will increase the frequency of the contractions, so the longer that we can wait the better.

Kari did a wonderful job taking care of Ellen. She brought her (and me) bagels every morning, and lunch and dinner every day to help Ellie gain weight. It is increasingly difficult because she has little to no appetite, and her stomach is squished by many babies.

Here is Kari displaying some fresh guacamole made just for Ellen(and me). Delicious!

This was a very exciting weekend! We were visited by Kari, Bob, and Dana.

Ellen has kind of got me on picture restrictions, so I had to hold her down this week to get a picture.

Ellen really enjoys picking out and eating jelly belly candies. Bob decided to get some as a gift for the visit..............

a ton of them!

We all ate them until we were sick.....and then ate several more. (watch out for buttered popcorn)

Kari and Dana helped Ellen with hydrotherapy. As you can see from the pics below, they worked equally hard.

Ellen has a great attitude, and with all of our family and friends help, we are going to reach our goal. The support continues to amaze us both. Thank you all for everything!


  1. Oh yay! Another week to notch off. Bless your hearts, this is such a long journey, but so worth it.

    We are expecting another baby and have just found out we are having a boy. I am ten weeks behind you Ellen, I'm 15 weeks. I am praying I don't end up on bed rest again, but of course we mama's do what we have to for our little ones.

    I am so happy to hear you are hanging in there and that you have folks to help you through this difficult time. It sounds like you have a wonderful team of doctors. That makes all the difference in the world.

    When I was on bedrest in the hospital with my son, it was around the 4th of July. My husband and parents decorated my room for the 4th and even the door. It cheered us up and the hospital staff. My son ended up being born 3 minutes after midnight to be a July 5th baby. It is amazing how you can take over a room and make it homey.

    You are in my prayers and I am rejoicing over this hurdle you've made it through.


  2. Wow, it sure looks like a party for the Memorial Day weekend. I am glad Stephen gets to stay a day longer!!! And more friends/more fun. You look great! On our homefront, Allison now has a driver's license (!!!!) and David is set to graduate on June 6th....time flies by!
    We have food for Stephen going on, so he better have a good appetite!
    So good to see Shelly filling you in on HER baby news! Yay, a sibling for Sawyer!
    Take care girl, and remember we are praying for you and LOVING you across the miles.....


  3. I'm so glad I found you blog!!! I have left a message or 2 for you. I still have a Wouthwest ticket for Stephen or you Mom (whoever needs it) to come see you in PHX. I know Dr. Elliot and them are taking great care of you. Congratulations to getting to 25weeks. THat is sooooo awesome! I finally did a blog thing too!
    Have Stephen call or email me if/when he can.
    Take care.
    gggg quads