Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Good News & Grandmas

We are well into Week 26... Yippee! I am feeling well enough to get back to blogging and I thank my sweet husband for taking over when I was not up to it.

Week 26 started out with great news.
1. My cervix is still closed.
2. My gestatational diabetes test came back normal. (I don't have to give up Jelly Bellies!!)
3. My fetal fibernectin test (FFN) came back negative. Fibernectin is a protein that acts like glue to bind the babies sacs to the uterine wall. Before delivery the glue starts to "dissolve" and the sacks pull away from the uterine wall to prepare for delivery. The FFN test looks for the presence of fibernectin. If there is none, the odds of delivering in the next 2 weeks is low.

The babies are all growing great! We did a growth ultrasound at 25 weeks and the babies weighed:

Baby A - Girl - 1 lb. 9 oz.
Baby B - Girl - 1 lb. 9 oz.
Baby C - Boy - 1 lb. 14 oz.
Baby D - Boy - 1 lb. 9 oz.
Baby E - Girl - 1 lb. 7 oz.

We will do another growth ultrasound at 28 weeks. We are getting close to finalizing the names for all of the babies and will let you know once we do!

All of the babies Grandma's were here this weekend... Mama Jude, Nana and Grandma. They all doted on me, cooked for me and bought me tons of gifts. It was fun having them all here and it made the weekend go by fast.

Nana, Grandma, Mama Jude

Other news of the week: My mom is teaching me how to crochet and I got a trapeze for my bed. My nurse told me that the trapeze is not to be used extra curricular activities... Where's the fun in that???

Oh and one more thing.... I am now up to 208 pounds!! 2 pounds away from the 75 pound minimum weight gain goal! Wonderful and terrifying at the same time.


  1. You look great. We are so excited for you. It is great that your spirits seem to be up. Keep up the good work. I should start sewing for those precious babies next week when school is out.
    Love Linda

  2. I'm happy that the babies doing well and that I am happy to see your good mood.
    3 babies have the same weigt is good also and the smallest have only 2oz less .
    with the Dr Eliott, the God of multiples, you are between good hands.

  3. I'm so glad to hear you're feeling a little better now, and what a blessing that all those tests came back with favorable results! We're still praying for you, your husband, and the babies. It's amazing how far you've come already. I look forward to hearing which names you choose. :-)
    Alison D.

  4. ellen! i am so proud of you!
    i don't know if you heard from amy but i would LOVE to go down there to help out (maybe in the fall?)
    can't wait to see those babies!
    5 is a good number if you ask me:)

    cousin emi lucky number five

  5. Ellen, you're making this look like fun. Now everyone will want quints. Well, at least unlimited jelly beans.

    Love and prayers,

    John and Mary

  6. You look GREAT!! So happy to see you and the babies are all doing so well. Sounds like you and the babies are in great hands. We are praying for you all.

    Michael & Sharon

  7. El, I don't know what it is, but the picture with the trapeze? Your tummy looks TINY!!! So much smaller than when I saw you three weeks ago -- how can that be??? You look positively precious!! I just cannot wait to see you in person! Love, Meems

  8. Wow! This is great news. Thanks for the update. You are looking absolutely lovely :-) Keep those spirits up...we're praying for you.
    Renee for the Mathises

  9. Ellen....
    You are absolutely radiant. Such an exciting time! I made it up over 180 with just one baby, so you better eat, eat, eat, and gain a few more pounds. : ) You and your family continue to be in our prayers here in Baltimore. Lots of love, cousin Phyllis

  10. oh my gosh do you look cute!!! I guess this is what a long distance runner would call getting "into the zone". Keep up the awesome work!!! love suz

  11. So good to see that Ellie Mae smile! I've been missing you terribly and glad you're back to the blog-writing.

  12. CONGRATS!!!! Very exciting. Hang in there momma. You are doing a great job, and might I say you lok great. It is hard to stay in a room for as long as you will be there and the mag. stinks. I remember the time that I spent there and I feel for you. Please know that you are in my thoughts and prayers. A few more weeks!!!YEA!!!! Good JOB!!!!

    Love ya
    GGG-16 months

  13. so good to see you writing here again, ellen. glad you're feeling better and getting lots of company to help speed things along. you look beautiful (and agile! hee hee)

    keep up the good work! we love you!

  14. Swinging on a trapeze in your condition????? Wow, you are quite a woman! I just never knew.

    And I'm with John, in that you are making this look like a piece of cake! What a journey for ya'll!

    I am so excite for you--great news that the tests look so favorable. God is holding you in the palm of His righteous right and powerful hand. What a great place to be. AND I, too am another that cannot wait to read the babies' names. THAT makes it so much more real, doesn't it?
    You look amazing, and I am so glad to hear that things are feeling a little more bearable. And how wonderful to be so pampered by the Grams..hope today is FABULOUS!

    Love you much!
    sorry to write a BOOK! ;)

  15. You look amazing! I am so glad to see you in good spirits! Your belly looks so tiny in that picture.... Too cute! Miss you tons and so proud of you.

    Love Nicole

  16. Mom said she had a great time and was very glad she got to see you. The babies are doing so well. Their weight sounds wonderful. Thinking of all of you. Love, Lisa, Daniel, Casey & Megan.

  17. Ellen,

    I had a comment written and then had issues with my password. Sometimes google doesn't like me!

    Anyway, so great to "hear" you and that all is going so well. You look FABULOUS!!!! I love the trapeze.

    We are continuing to pray for you all!

  18. First, Thank You for letting us all be a part of this wonderful experience via blogger! You look great and I'm certain that you and Stephen are going to be Rockin' parents!

    Glad to hear that the babies are growing wonderfully!

    Peace @ Pleasure,

  19. Okay . . . seeing you with the trapeeze killed me! Needless to say, people at the office know that I'm not the only crazy one . . . it's hereditary!

    Love you sister. I'll be there soon!

  20. Hi Ellen!

    You look great! I love the trapeze bar pic! I don't know where you put the 75 lbs, cause you look tiny! Congrats on the negative FFN. You are doing awesome!

  21. That is awesome news. We're all so glad that you're feeling so much better, and you look GREAT! Keep hanging in there, girl. We're keeping everyone in our prayers, and Drew and I especially can't wait to find out those baby names!

  22. Hey Ellen...

    You are looking great!!! You are going to make it...all of us at NOV have been so worried about you and keeping tabs on you thru your blog. We are so looking forward to you coming home with those babies. Stephen has done a great job posting for you lately. He's the best husband anyone could wish for...and you're mom...anyone should be so lucky. Hang in there and keep posting good reports.

    Miss you...Jan