Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Two More Walkers!

Sidney & Briellen decided to take the plunge on the same day! They both have a funny scuttle that they prefer to do, but they finally did take some steps. Can't wait until we can all walk to get into the car together!!

Briellen Walking

Sidney Walking

Funny story about Brie -- She is in LOVE with shoes. She has always played with the shoes that I leave by the front door, but recently she has been trying to put them on. I went to the closet and found some shoes that would fit her and she wants to wear them constantly! The funny thing is because of her scuttle she only wants to wear one shoe! A triplet mom gave us a huge bin of shoes -- they are still too big, but it is Brie's new favorite thing to play in... On the shoe note, Sidney has a love hate relationship with them. She loves to whine for you to put them on and then right away whines for you to take them off... Ivy just hates them. I will put them on her and she will kick her leg hard until either the shoe comes off or afraid of damage to other children, I take it off!

Brie & Her One Shoe


  1. YAY for walkers...I am sorry I missed those two!! The shoe fettish is hilarious.....hmm, wonder who she gets that from?????;p


  2. That is so exciting, and yes, they can walk now, and you can go to the car together, but now you have 5 capable bodies to go in 5 capable directions!! The fun is just beginning my girl!!! Oh yes, and I will have more shoes soon!!! I am so proud of you!!!! You are doing so much and have such a great attitude!!!

    Love ya,

  3. OMG ELLEN!!!! brie looks EXACTLY like you described on saturday!!! d and i are laughing so hard watching the video!!! makes me want to go out and get her a million little shoes!!

  4. What sweet videos!
    Girl..I cant believe how big they are now! Seems like just yesterday I started following your blog when you were pregnant!

  5. Megan and I love the videos! They are too cute. Can't wait to see you all in November.