Wednesday, September 30, 2009

15 Months

Ivy, Mitchell, Briellen, Luke, Sidney

We had the babies 15 month check ups last week and I am happy to report that everyone is doing great! There are exactly where they need to be developmentally and are healthy babies. They are all a titch on the small side but that is to be expected as they were preemies.

Life is quite chaotic as I am sure you can imagine. The babies are off and running and exploring and are into EVERYTHING. We have been blessed with good babies who mostly have sweet temperaments. They test us every now and then and I am glad that it isn't more often. (When I say test, I mean the full body thrown on the floor type fit!)

They are still on a great schedule with a 1 1/2 hour nap in the morning and another one in the afternoon. My books say now is when they start to drop the morning nap, but I want to hang on to it as long as I can. I really need that time in the morning to get dressed and have some alone time!

I have a mix of great eaters/bad eaters, good sleepers/bad sleepers, clingy/independent babies. It amazes me to see how unique each of these little people are. They each have things that they prefer and things that really bother them. I could probably write a book on each of them about the funny things they do and say, but I will try and and give highlights.

20 lbs. 8 oz. (5th percentile)
31 inches tall (50th percentile)
Luke is our wrestle man. He plows his way through anything to get to what he wants. He is very intent and inquisitive. He points at everything and says "What's that?" He loves the feet of his animal lovie and will sleep with them in his mouth.

20 lbs. 6 oz. (5th percentile)
31 inches tall (50th percentile)
Mitchell is our silly boy. ALWAYS laughing about anything! He is extremely clumsy so always has a bruise or scratch. He loves to give hugs. And will stand by the door and say "outside" one million times.

22 lbs. 6 oz (50th percentile)
31 inches tall (50th percentile)
Ivy is our sensitive, ultra sweet girl. She loves to lounge everywhere, on anything. She loves to read books and will drag her finger across the page like she is reading. She plays peek-a-boo constantly... when you pull off her shirt, she'll say "boo" or if she runs around the corner, she'll say "boo." She shakes her head no for everything, even when she means yes.

18 lbs. (Not on the chart yet)
29 1/2 inches tall (25 percentile)
Sidney is still our diva. She loves to be the center of attention. She will clap for herself at the littlest accomplishment and make sure that you have noticed her doing it. She will let you know that she is slighted by the littlest thing. She loves waving "hey" to everybody, even her siblings. She loves clothes and will try to put anything "on."

17 lbs. 15 oz. (Not on the chart yet)
29 inches tall (10th percentile)
Our "Little Bitty" girl. Fiercely independent and stubborn. And when I say spunky, do I mean it! It has to be her way or it isn't happening. She loves to wear shoes, even with her pj's. She calls them "Shhhhhs"


  1. Gosh, I miss my little friends this week!!! They are just adorable.
    Great report on each one!!!


  2. GOOD-NESS! Your babies are so so cute - every one of 'em! Your descriptions were so sweet. Ivy's reminded me so much of our Jilly. The girl loves some peek-a-boo! Anyway, thanks for sharing the updates. Way to go!

  3. Elle, this is a terrific post!! I love the little tidbits on each of them. Thanks for sharing with us!!

  4. My goodness..they are just so precious!! I love all the little descriptions!! You will love to look back on these. As much as you think you could never forget something cute they do, it slips your mind!! Thats why I love the blog!
    They are just adorable girl!

  5. That is wonderful!!! I am so glad that things are going so well for you! If you are wanting to do family photos or photos of the kiddos, I have a photographer that will take them, anywhere you choose and instead of ordering the pictures, she gives you the proofs on a CD. her blog is www.mprintsphotogra phy.blogspot. com. Check it out and let me know, maybe I can come and help you out!!! Have a few events coming up soon! The Space City Triplet picnic is October 24 and the next meeting is October 27th. I will call you soon!!!

    Love ya
    The Brown Bunch from Brown Town!!

  6. They are so adorable! Thanks for sharing your pictures with us!

    Portland, OR

  7. So cute!! They are so big and cute as always :)

  8. These are the best pictures so far. You're the best