Friday, September 25, 2009

First Haircut

My fabulous hairdresser, Jessica, made a house call for the babies first haircut last month! They were wiggle worms, but look adorable! I am scared for the time I have to take them to the salon... Maybe Jessica will teach me how to cut hair.

(Jessica is at The Upper Hand in River Oaks if anyone needs a great stylist!)

Group After Shot
Jessica - Elle
Sidney, Ivy, Briellen, Luke, Mitchell
Luke -- Before
Luke -- During
Luke -- After
Mitchell -- Before
Mitchell -- During
Mitchell -- After
Ivy - Before
Ivy -- During
Ivy -- After
Briellen -- Before
Brie didn't have that much hair to cut... Just these two long
pieces on either side of the back of her head.
Briellen -- During
Briellen -- After
Sidney - Before
Sidney -- During
Sidney -- After

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