Thursday, August 20, 2009

Visit To The Buckingham

July 24th

GG, my grandma, the babies great grandma, lives at The Buckingham... She calls it her "old folks home," however, it's really a fancy pants retirement community. She has been telling me forever that the residents there have been following my blog and that they love the babies dearly. So one Friday, we decided to take the babies to meet everyone. I think that I was just expecting to show a few people the babies and hang out with GG. But that was the furthest from what happened. There were more than 100 people there -- old and young! They reserved the Buckingham Theater for us and their chef made cookies and lemonade for everyone. Everyone was so fabulous! They brought gifts and played with the babies. One lady even wrote us a poem! (See below.) The babies loved all of the attention and I loved seeing how many people loved them and supported our family.

To the residents of the Buckingham: Thank you so much for a wonderful day! I was so touched by how many of you came to see us. Thank you for being interested in my families journey and for praying for us and loving us. I am sorry if I didn't get to talk to each you personally or if you weren't able to hold a baby, but we will be back!!

Melissa (Our wonderful nanny, ) GG, Me
Mitchell, Sidney, Luke, Ivy, Brie
(GG made the babies Buckingham B T-shirts!)

GG & Luke

Poem by Edna Ahlers
There was once a soon=to=be mother
Who was overjoyed to discover
That soon there would arrive
Not one new born but five.

We think of the 3AM feedings and shudder
And our hearts go out to the mother
Then we think of the joys we will know
As we watch each of them grow.


  1. Aww I had not seen these photos!! they were the stars of the show! How sweet!


  2. Well, that is just the sweetest! Such a special day! LOVED the poem too!