Monday, August 17, 2009

1st Birthday Party

June 27th

So, we had a big bash for the babies the Saturday after their 1st birthday. No theme -- my only requirements were Sangria and Cupcakes. Yummy, Yummy! We had the party at my sister Amy's house because she not only has an awesome big backyard, but that way I didn't have to plan a party around the babies napping and eating! We had such a good time... All of my family and Stephens family were there... All of our good friends were there... Most of the people who have been helping us this past year were there... Everyone there played an important role in our lives. It was fun to celebrate with all of them. It was a bit of a blur, not enough time to talk to everyone and not enough time to take pictures. After the party, Stephen took the babies home and let me stay to hang out with my friends that didn't have to leave early.

The only downside to the entire day was that Ivy had a stomach bug... She ended up giving it to all of her siblings and our nanny Melissa, but other than that no one else at the party was contaminated.

(I won't even go into the hell that is 5 babies with stomach bugs -- you can imagine.)


Luke -- Before

Luke -- After

Sidney -- Before

Sidney -- After

Briellen -- Before

Briellen -- After

Mitchell -- Before

Mitchell -- After

Ivy -- Before

Ivy -- After

Because things were a titch chaotic, we decided to open the gifts at home after the party. The best idea ever! For an entire week, anytime the babies got fussy, I would pull out a new gift for them to unwrap. And, yes, they were more interested in the wrapping and boxes than the gifts at the time. Especially little Sidney who loves to eat EVERYTHING. I pulled more paper, ribbon, box pieces out of her mouth that week!

Brie, Mitchell, Luke, Ivy, Sidney
Gifts in the Background

Opening Gifts


  1. Oh my goodness..looks like so much fun!! Miss Briellen looks so dainty with her cake! lol
    Good idea about the presents!! I bet they are loving all the stuff!!
    Happy 1st Birthday! Can you believe how fast the fist year flew by?!?!

  2. Happy birthday Howell Quints! I can't believe it's been a year since we were looking in on you in those isolettes at PCH (in pictures).
    They are looking so grown up!
    Great call on not opening gifts there.....we learned that the hard way on our 1st birthday party!


  3. It was a great "village" birthday party. It's been a pleasure to be a part of the last year!!!


  4. Looks like they had fun with those cupcakes! Your babies are adorable! Love reading your updates!

  5. Love that picture of Mitchell with his cupcake face. Looks like he enjoyed it!