Wednesday, July 27, 2011

3rd Annual Lake Travis Vacay

It's hard to believe that 3 years has gone by since our very first family vacation!!  Time flies...  "The days are long, but the years are short."  (Stolen from my girlfriend Kimber.)

Read about our first and second annual trips to Lake Travis to stay in my B/F/F's gorgeous lake house! Every year we keep extending our stay... Soon we are going to be summering in Austin!  (Have I mentioned to you my theory on summering?  I really believe there is NO reason that normal people can't summer... Rent a house on VRBO, load up the car and get away from this miserable heat!  Stephen doesn't agree with me, which is why we haven't yet summered anywhere, but I am working on it!) 

We had an amazing week!  The Farley's came with us again this year, which always makes for good times! 

My girls Misty, Kimber and Suzy all came to visit several times so instead of it being a rushed chaotic visit, we actually finished some conversations!  And since we stayed the weekend, we got to see the hubbies too!

Elle & Stephen
Luke, Sidney, Ivy, Briellen & Mitchell
(Um, can anyone look at the camera, please?!?)

Ivy, Luke, Mitchell, Brie & Sidney
Watching Boats

The babies LOVED the water!!  I was a little worried about how they were going to react to the new life jackets (Puddle Jumpers) that I bought, but I worried for nothing! Everyone with toddlers should own one of these... The babies were jumping in the water and kicking around the entire pool.  Ivy and Luke still preferred to stay on the shallow ledge unless they were holding on to one of us.  But let me tell you hanging out in the pool was a MUCH more enjoyable experience not constantly manning the ledge to make sure no one fell or jumped off!

Stephen & Boys in Puddle Jumpers

We spent the days swimming, eating, drinking and hanging out with our friends... Perfect vacation...  Well, maybe not perfect... The downfall was the sleeping arrangements.  For some reason, each baby needed something at one point during the night, so instead of sleeping I was running back and forth between the girls and boys rooms... Not acceptable. (Tired mommy = mean mommy.) SO for the rest of the time, Stephen slept with the boys and I slept with the girls.  Next vacation... No kids!

Fun times below:
Meal Time

Computer Junkies
Aiden & Brie
(Uncle Briski would be proud!)

Golf Cart Rides
(LOVE Brynne's Ruffle Bum!)

Hanging with Aunt Mimi

Thank you, Misty and Bill, for being so generous and letting us stay there!  We love you guys!

(Left my camera at home, so these pics are borrowed from Amy and I have none of my girlfriends...  I was and am still SO annoyed!!)


  1. I think summering away is a splendid idea. Let's GO! ;D

  2. Nice shout out to Bob LOL! I also LOVE LOVE LOVE the ruffle bum! Always wish we can vacation with you :-(

  3. Meant to comment on this post. I also spend my days in front of the computer without my shirt.

  4. HOw fun!!! I can't believe how big your kids are getting, but then I can't believe how big mine are either.
    HOpe to catch up with you soon,