Monday, June 21, 2010

2nd Annual Lake Travis Trip

So my girlfriend, Misty, has an amazing lake house on Lake Travis in Austin... It's in hot demand from renters on, but she let me pick out a weekend we could come and vacation!! Last year when we went, it was our first family vacation ever!! We had so much fun both times that we decided to make it an annual tradition! Woo-Hoo!!!

The Howells
The View!

This year my sister Amy and her family came with us... It is always fun to vacation with the Farley's not only because they are a blast and jump immediately into the routine of taking care of the babies, but they are great cooks and fancy-up everything. For example, they brought basil from their garden for a special cocktail. Also, my babies are obsessed with them!! At 6 AM, Ivy would try to open their bedroom door calling for Damon. (This is especially funny because the Farley's love to sleep in and Amy is notorious for her morning grumpiness!!) After we got home we had to remind the babies that, no, we don't live with Mimi and Uncle D!

Aunt Mimi With Brynne & Aiden
Uncle D Being Swarmed
This year swimming with the babies was a titch more challenging. They didn't really want to stay in the floaties they had last year... the kind with the saucer around them and a sun shade. But they weren't ready for the old school floaties that go around their arms. I was trying to save money and not buy them the life jacket-y kind of floaties that are a million dollars a piece, but in hind sight, they needed those more than they needed new sunglasses, cover-ups and hats!!! And now I will end up buying them anyway... Well, maybe I did do it the smart way, so now they will have life saving devices AND cute accessories...

Mimi & Sidney
Ivy aka Hollywood

We decided this year to leave our stroller at home. Last year, we only took it out only once... It's too hot and hilly to be worth the trouble. So, the life saver for when everyone got stir crazy was Misty's golf cart!! We would pile everyone on that sucker and ride down to a park and play... I was worried that someone in the neighborhood would report me because it looked unsafe and a little ghetto!

Walking Down to the Lake From the Park

Misty and her fam and our other college roomie, Kimber and her boys came to visit us on Saturday. Of course, it was total chaos, but oh, so much fun!!

Kimber & Ivy
Misty with Luke & Ivy

I am already looking forward to next year!!

Other Hits:
-- Exploring the house --

(Her hair is FINALLY growing in, so it's sticks straight up...
Love it!!!)

-- Perfect Feeding Table--

-- Bath Time --

-- Hot Tub --


  1. GREAT pics!! I bet it was so fun!

  2. Wow..looks like a blast!!
    They are getting SOO big!!
    I love Lake Travis and that house looks amazing :)

  3. Briski's come next year!! LOL Such great pics. D's beard???
    I luv luv luv the one of Ame and Sydney :-)

  4. Wow those pictures make me think you need a Vacation after that Vacation. Looks like your Family had a blast. All the kids are so cute!!