Monday, June 28, 2010


It's embarrassing, but I have to admit that I wasn't even going to throw the babies a birthday party this year! I feel like I am always in the midst of craziness and the thought of not having to plan one more thing sounded fabulous. Anyway, they are only 2... they won't remember, right? Well, as is my nature, I started feeling guilty so I decided to just do it... And I am SO glad that I did! We had SO much fun!

We rented out a kiddie pool that was perfect! The entire pool was only waist deep for the littlest of the children, so although you had to keep your eye on everyone you weren't terrified of someone stepping off into the deep end. We could only rent it when it wasn't open to the public, so the party started at 8 AM!! I had serious doubts about it starting that early and after an incredibly hectic morning of trying to get there on time, I knew it was a bad idea. However, once the party was over at 10, we had missed the terrible heat of the day, no one missed a nap and we all had our Saturdays left to do what we wanted, I decided it wasn't such a bad idea after all.

(I was the photographer, so no pics of me)

The pool was called Noah's Ark...

All of the kids on top of the big water slides...

Sidney & Luke on the little water slide...



Ivy & Nain

Briellen & Sidney with Nonna

Stephen & Fearless Mitchell

Mimi with Brynne & Sidney

The babies actual birthday was on Thursday... I wanted to do something fun with them but not an all day adventure. I thought the Rain Forest Cafe would be perfect... All of the fun animals and sounds. Wow... I couldn't have been more wrong! They were scared to death. I even tried to change tables, but the lighting/thunder storm went off as we were changing and made things worse. We ended up getting our food to go and left quickly. Such a scene. I was so flustered that I didn't get any pics. So that night as we were putting the babies down, I made them pose for a picture because I had to have a picture of them on the actual day. They, again, freaked out on me, but oh well, it had to be done.

Ivy, Sidney, Hidden Brie, Luke, Mitchell


  1. They are getting so big and are as cute as ever! I love reading your stories... the Rain Forest Cafe and post b-day picture is hilarious. Miss you like crazy!

  2. Elle,

    They are SO beautiful and handsome! Isn't it crazy how fast they grow?


  3. I just stumbled upon your blog (pushed the next blog button :)) I have one 2 year old and I'm so tired at the end of the day... don't know how you are raising 5! They are adorable! Wow!

    Did you do IVF? Embryos split?

  4. very interesting!!! =)
    they're adorable!

  5. it is crazy how big they have gotten since the blog design, wow!

  6. OMG! What a cute bunch of babies! :) You're very blessed! I can't begin to fathom how you handle them all. :O

  7. The birthday party sounds so fun! That pool was awesome! We took our quints to Rain Forest Cafe right after their 2nd birthday and they too were terrified of the moving animals and thunder!

  8. I was browsing through the old entries and I think I have a favorite one! :) They're all so adorable! I can't stop looking at their pictures! :)

  9. I've been following you for a while, but always forget to look through my list of blogs, so instead I've added you to my actual blog page! Congrats!