Monday, June 15, 2009

1st Family Vacation

We took our first family vacation to Austin. My BFF has a lake house that she let us use for the weekend. Getting there and back was a titch challenging as it is a 3 hour drive, but it was soooo worth it.

The house was perfect for us. The living area was one huge space, so no matter where you were you could see all of the babies. Some of the babies favorite things to do in the house...

Hang on to the window sills -

Climb on the bar stools -

Swim in the pool -

The babies would "walk" back and forth on the swim deck in their floaties.

When we would put the babies down for naps or bedtime, Stephen and I would go and sit by or in the pool and just relax.

Sunset Pool Time

On Saturday, our close friends came to hang out at the pool with us. It was like old college days except with 9 kids!! We had SOOOOO much fun!!!

Kimber with Sidney & Ivy and her son Cade.
(Cade could be mine, huh?)

Misty and Me and the Babies

p.s. getting 5 babies ready to swim in the sun was a workout, but totally worth it when I saw the smiles!

Mitchell with Sunscreen Hair


  1. I love sunscreen hair! I do it to Ian all the time! So glad you guys are getting out and about. Can't believe they're a year old now!

  2. such a nice place to go for a getaway!! So glad you all could go.


  3. How beautiful and a major hurdle passed for the whole family! Soon longer trips will be in your future!
    Thanks for sharing.

  4. Holy cow..that lakehouse is amazing!! The pool looks breathtaking!
    I'm so glad yall were able to get away for a while!
    Love the pics of them in the pool! So stinking cute!!

  5. I LOVE sunscreen hair! SO cute. This looks like a GREAT time! Good for you guys!

  6. Ooo I LOVE the sunset pool time picture. I think it's my new fav of you and est! What a great house for the big fam!