Wednesday, February 9, 2011

A Walk Down the Aisle

Many of you know or have heard me talk about our nanny old Melissa! She was our night nanny when I first brought the babies home from Phoenix and I can honestly say she is the reason that we survived those first months!! (Well, her and my mom!) After the babies started sleeping through the night after 6 or 7 months, she worked for us during the days part time... She then found a job in College Station working full time and had to leave us... One of the saddest days ever! She still comes to visit a couple of times a month... the babies (and me) ADORE her! When she told me that she was getting married I was SO excited for her... Then she told me that she wanted all 5 of the babies in her wedding and I thought she had lost her mind!! No really, I was very touched that she wanted us to be a part of her special day.

I stressed a LOT about what the babies would do. More scared than anything that they would freak out and not walk down the aisle. I ordered flower girl and ring bearer books and read them to them daily. We tried on dresses and tuxes and talked a ton about what their job was going to be. I even had them walk down the aisle of my church here.

It wasn't until the rehearsal that I started to stress about them wreaking havoc at the wedding! We walked into the ballroom and they were EVERYWHERE! The front of the room had a little stage and white curtains everywhere... I was told that they were not very stable. I almost had a heart attack when I saw the boys plow through the curtains at one point.

Melissa and the Babies at Rehearsal
The boys would pick up the flower petals and
throw them in the air and yell "Happy New Year!"
Which is what they are all doing here on Melissa's head.

When we first started traveling with the babies, Stephen and I decided that the only way to do it was to rent a house. That way we had the room for sleeping, a refrigerator for food and space for the babies to run around. Unfortunately, crazy Aggies will pay whatever for lodging, so house rentals were pricey. So we decided to rough it and stay in a hotel for one night. It was tough trying to keep them occupied and quiet and I am thankful it was for only one night. The LSU and Kansas Track and Swim teams sleeping next to us did not appreciate their 6AM wake up call... We were proud that we did our part to sleep deprive the competition!

Dinner and a Movie

Girl Book Time

Boy Book Time

Sleeping Arrangements
(I left their nap mats at home... Talk about feeling guilty!)

The day of the wedding the girls and I went to a bridal brunch.... Stephen took the boys to the Dixie Chicken for lunch... The Chicken is a well known bar/restaurant in College Station, where Aggies dunk their class rings. This Aggie included!

They had a cute little table set up for the girls.
Milkshakes at the Chicken

We had to be out of our room at 2, pictures were at 3 and the wedding at 5. So basically, we had to keep 5 toddlers entertained in a hotel for 3 hours. But entertained in a way so they wouldn't mess up their clothes!! Let me tell you, there were lots of rides in the elevator!

I couldn't get a good shot of all 5 and I didn't want
to wear them out before the official pictures.
Luke, Mitchell
Ivy, Sidney & Briellen

My Little Men

My Girls

When it finally was time to walk, they did beautifully! No melt downs, No crazy wild men... They did exactly what they were supposed to do! The girls were halfway down the aisle before they remembered to throw their petals, but, oh well.

Mitchell & Luke
(I love Stephen in the back ground prepping the girls.)

Sweet Girls

Melissa & Her Dad

"Standing" at the Front

The Reception was SO much fun... None of my friends or family have had little ones at weddings, so I have had little experience with kid friendly weddings. They had a food buffet their height, an activity table with colors and stickers and they even did a candy toss.

The Kiddie Table

The babies all wanted to dance so badly with Melissa... At one point I looked up and Mitchell was in between Melissa and her dad during the Father/Daughter dance.... Mortifying!

Finally getting to dance with Melissa...
"Apple Bottom Jeans. Boots with the Fur!!"

The babies were beyond tired and honestly, Stephen and I were too, but we truly had a fantastic time and were so incredibly honored to be included in such a special occasion for someone who is truly special to us!


  1. Love it, love it. Can't tell you how many times I just laughed out loud and re-read parts to Bob.

    Love Luke and Mitchell in their tuxes walking down the aisle. Also, the father-daughter dance pic is priceless!


  2. Wow..sounds like they did fantastic!!
    What a special day!!
    You all looked great!!

  3. What a joy to catch up with your delightful ups and downs and watch these cuties growing up! Melissa must indeed be very special!

  4. Ellen, you look fabulous! My fave is the pic of you and your little men on the couch - framer. :) I love the look on your face when doing the father-daughter dance intervention (sorrrrry!). We have all been there! You have much to be so very proud of your little ones :)