Thursday, February 3, 2011


Oh, how I have dreamed of this day for years!! 5 hours, twice a week guaranteed freedom! All of the lunch dates, shopping and spa appointments a girl could hope for... Bring it!! But really, being at home by myself... in my house alone... just me... felt SO good. I can't even being to explain it. (And as sad as it sounds, I am actually looking forward to cleaning out some closets!)

The babies were so excited about going to school... They wore their backpacks around and carried their lunch boxes all over the house... Of course, when it was time to actually carry them into the school they were too heavy and the babies would just drop them on the ground as they walked in.

Brie, Ivy, Sidney, Mitchell & Luke
First Day of School
I was really nervous about their first day, not really knowing what to expect. I didn't have any help, so all I could think was "How am I going to get all of them into school with ALL of their stuff by myself?" And having experienced the toddler meltdown -- limp arms and legs, screaming on the ground of a parking lot, impervious to the stream of threats coming out of my mouth -- I was terrified that one or, help me, more would decide to do this while I would have to juggle back packs, lunch boxes and hold three other hands at the same time! I worried for nothing... they all stayed on the sidewalk, walked into their classroom and started playing without a single tear, even after I kissed them goodbye. (I made a second trip for their nap mats.)

Their Stuff...

I was determined to get pics of them walking down the hall and with their teachers, but I was so high strung that morning I forgot the camera, so I took a pic with their teachers when I picked them up, and that is what melted them down...

Ms. Terri and Ms. Cindy

When I want something so bad or am looking forward to something for so long, I tend to forget or not recognize the down sides... I hadn't even put a single thought to how much work it would be to get everyone ready and out of the door... I know I'll get my groove down and it eventually won't be so bad, but, whew!

The school they are going to is Cy-Fair Christian Church Preschool (

The director is SO sweet and caring and understanding... and the teachers are wonderful.... They go out of their way to help me and make this experience a positive one for me and the babies!


  1. So glad it all went well. I can't believe NO TEARS! Amazing and wonderful. Now everyone just has to stay healthy.

  2. Oh my goodness, Elle, I can't believe it!! they did good, and they will love it and look forward to it. Glad you will have some you time!


  3. so happy for you, my quints were 3 1/2 when they started preschool, i remember going home and wondering around the house, i think it was the 1st time i had been alone in my house for years, this is just the 1st of many fun and challenging molestones, enjoy

  4. Elle! I miss you and the kiddos! I am back in Texas in April and we must make a weekend of it... Austin or Houston... I want to see you but also those beautiful kids...I loved this post... xoxox

  5. Say it aint so..preschool?!?!
    Wow! They are getting so big!
    You deserve every bit of those free hours!!
    Enjoy it girl!!

  6. Wow. Pre-school. Phoenix doesn't seem that far way (for me anyway). I am so happy you have some "Elle time" now and I wish I was close enough to help you with that closet organizing! And that's an honest statement - you know I LOVE organization :-D

  7. I'm glad all went well, you are the epitome of a GREAT momma!

    Enjoy that alone time, I'm sure you'll be able to get so much done with out 10 little hands getting in your way.