Friday, February 18, 2011

Valentines Day

Holidays are getting more and more fun around here!! I know Valentines isn't technically a holiday and it's over commercialized and blah, blah, blah, but any reason to dress up and celebrate is a good thing to me!!

Lots of parties for the kiddies... Not so many for mama this year... Finding a sitter for V-day is worse than finding one for New Years Eve!!

My little ones don't get the concept of eating a little bit of candy now and saving the rest for later, so I put all of their candy out, let them gorge and then threw the rest of it away. (It HAS to be thrown out or I'll finish it off!)

My sister says that Ivy looks like she is about to throw a fit in most of her pictures... Unfortunately, this is her saying cheese... I was by myself and it was before school, so this is the best I could do... I guess these imperfect pictures are really a true reflection of what life is like, but why can't they just stand next to each other, look at the camera and smile?!? (hee-hee.)

Luke, Sidney, Ivy, Brie, Mitchell
Tink, Moo, Ivers, LukeHare, Sissy

I hope that everyone feels as loved as I do!!!
Love to ALL!!


  1. Love the new blog look!!
    They are just so dang cute!!

  2. Hi Elle!
    Love the new blog design...
    Love the nicknames!
    Love each of you!!! and who wants perfect pictures anyway????? those are for the photograher who uses photoshop!


  3. They are precious!
    Are you kidding...I couldn't get 3 kids of different ages to look at the camera and smile. SOMEONE was always in the NO PICTURE stage!! My blue eyed children still cannot look at the camera outside...even in the shade! I gave up years ago and just went for the "see, you were there"!!

    You are smarter than me... I stored the candy way up high in the pantry so I would have to climb for it...silly me, this did not stop me nor provide enough exercise!

  4. oh, you're crazy kids are just the cutest!!! love, love, love them all :)

  5. So adorable and I am loving those outfits.