Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Forty and Fabulous (Exclamation Point)

Do you remember this episode of Sex and the City??  Carrie was on the front of the New Yorker and the headline was "Single and Fabulous?"  She thought the article was going to be about how fabulous her life was as in "Single and Fabulous!"  The question mark changes the whole meaning…

This is how I felt coming up to my 40th birthday!  Was I forty and fabulous with a question mark or exclamation point?  I have never been concerned about my age.  I have embraced each stage of my life and never looked back with regret or wishful thinking.  So it was very odd to not want to turn forty.  Frankly, it put me in a serious funk.

I had a wonderful childhood,  an amazing college experience and a successful career.  I have lived on my own and traveled the world.  I am healthy…  I have a terrific husband… I have five healthy miracle babies… why was I so upset??  What did I have to be unhappy about??

I am not sure exactly how the funk ended, but my big day came and just like that I just moved to acceptance.  It is what it is.  I have so much to be thankful for and I will focus on that!  

My Girls
Misty, Amy, Kimber, Me, Brie

My college roomie, Brie, lives in northern California and I don't get to see her enough!  She was visiting her family in Dallas over the holidays and had to drive her Grandpa home to Austin before she flew back.  The ONLY day we could see her was (lucky for me) my birthday!!  So we drove to Austin (with my sister Amy and her hubby) and had a big slumber party with our other college roomies!!  (203C, baby!)  Honestly, I think spending this one night with my oldest and best-est friends helped me with my funk.  Being with them is so good for my soul.

Misty had just moved into her new house and had discovered a box of college pictures.  My favorite part of the entire night was looking at all of the pictures together.  Some were seriously hilarious!

Looking at Old Pictures

Outside Looking In

Misty's husband Bill had been saving a couple of really old bottles of wine for a special occasion…   Happy 40th to me!!

The evenings agenda:  Dinner and Drinks at The W

Stephen and Damon
In the Uber Car

{If you haven't used the app Uber for car service, you must try!!}


And when I got back from Austin, this was waiting for me in my front yard…

It is so silly, but I can't tell you how happy this one little sign made me.  I think maybe because I am rarely surprised anymore…  I was wondering who could have done this and Stephen said "Are you kidding?  This screams Neal Hare."  And he was right!  My two Neal Hares (dad and brother) drove to cypress at 6 in the morning to leave a huge plywood sign with fence posts welcoming me into my new chapter of life.  It touched me more than you can imagine.

And then I got to spend the rest of the weekend celebrating with my nearest and dearest… My family…   My everything.

Saturday night we had dinner at The Shack.  It is the funkiest hamburger joint with the most eclectic menu and a HUGE play area for the kids.

Amy, Me, Neal, Bibi and Marg
These girls….  My BFF sisters.
 Amy and Sooze

Silliest Goose Ever

Papa and Sidney

Nain and Sooze

Our Cousins Lisa and Dustin
We normally eat outside, but it was freezing so we squished inside.

Sunday lunch was at my parents house in Katy.  Those of you who know me well, know that I have an obsession with peppermint ice cream.  Well, my mom made me a peppermint ice cream/chocolate rice krispy cake and it was AMAZING!  Seriously people, I couldn't stop eating it!

She had helpers...
Sidney and Ivy
 She got the recipe from a mailer forever ago and kept it.  Here it is…

Here is her version...

I was so excited!!  It was like I was a kid again.

I am so loved and have so many to love.  I wouldn't change a thing.
Forty… Bring it!

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