Monday, May 13, 2013


I have been getting my hair cut at The Upper Hand - River Oaks for what seems like forever!  Even though I moved out to the burbs ages ago, I still drive back into town because I can't leave them.  Maybe it's the chocolate chip cookies... or the wine.... or maybe Tony, who is hands down the best hair washer EVA... or Rachel, the owner, who makes you feel so welcome.  They seriously rock, if you need a new salon!!

My hair dresser, Jessica, is AMAZING.... She has been by my side through thick and thin.  Job Stuff, Boy Stuff, Fertility Junk, Raising kids... She knows it all.  Really, why do I feel the need to share my deepest secrets the minute my bum hits the chair??  She even makes last minute house calls when I am desperate for me AND the kids!  (Here is when she came to give the babies their first haircut!)

Several times, I have been in the salon and have seen TV cameras rolling.  A show called Mirror Mirror on The Live Well Network comes into to film short segments every now and then...  Tips on beauty products, hair/nail/skin care, etc.

Back in December, Jessica called me and said that they were wanting to do a makeover for a deserving mom and that they immediately thought of me.  (so sweet!)  My initial reaction was no thank you... from being burned in the beginning, we have declined all show/publicity offers... Plus the last thing I wanted was a new blond crew cut.   Ha!  But after Jessica described that it was a mild makeover, more of a pampering day and after she told me all of the fun products I would be introduced too (and get to keep!) my love of all things beauty beat out my aversion to being on TV and I said YES!

They came and filmed my morning routine....  Rebecca, the host of Mirror Mirror was ADORABLE!  She was like my new BFF instantly!  Having cameras in your face was somewhat flustering... And having 3 extra people in a tight space wreaked havoc on our factory-line routine, but I got through it only sound like a dork a few times....   I feel compelled to tell you that the clip makes my house seem WAY more chaotic that it really is.... Creative editing or the kids were off/wound up because of the excitement.... Probably a bit of both!

Ellen and Rebecca
Ivy, Mitchell, Luke, Brie, Sidney

Then we went to the salon.... SO much fun.

My faves:
1- Color/shine rinse that I have been wanting forever!  It gave my hair just a boost of color and the shine took some of the dull mousy out.
2 - Product called LiBrow.  My eyebrows are turning Gray!!  What the heck??  I was thinking about dying them, but Rachel gave me LiBrow which is a serum that darkens and thickens them.  Am loving it!

My not-so-faves:
1.  The pink lip stick.
2.  The cheesy hair toss for the after pic.  

I really had such a good time and truly felt so special!  Everyone was so amazing!

Stephen bolted before they got there that morning...  Just "happened" to have a really early meeting...  :)  But he did take me out and splurge on a fancy dinner!! Thanks Aunt Mimi for watching the bittys!!!



  1. Ellen, you did a great job!! Rebecca is a longtime media friend of mine, I'm glad you went on her show and got a little pampering. :)

  2. Ellen- this looks like so much fun. I'm glad you got to enjoy some time to yourself. I am new to your blog. I just found out I am expecting quintuplets about a month ago. I'd love to email or chat with you sometime. I have tons of questions. My email is if you have some time to shoot me a message sometime I would appreciate it. Thanks!

  3. Oh my gosh I loved watching this!! I check in on you and your family regularly, and getting to see you in action was so fun! It's so great that you were able to be pampered. What a blessing!!!!

  4. Elle, I had read your blog post on this a while ago, but finally watched the clip. Even though we saw each other in Oct, it felt like it has been forever since seeing you in your element! I loved it and made me miss you. Orgasm is def my fav blush and I am going to have to try some of that LiBrow - and no, I didn't think the pink was too pink! ;-) So happy that you got some special pampering, I can't think of anyone more deserving! xo