Tuesday, February 19, 2013

My Little Dudes

We split the kids up this weekend... Girls with Daddy to lay some sort of plastic something in the church grass (and to play at Nain's across the street.)  And the boys stayed at home with me to get my chores done.  [We totally planned for it to be the girls with me and the boys with Stephen, but when it all shook out, the boys wanted to stay and girls wanted to go]

It is always so much fun having a couple all to myself... Experiencing what I think is "so simple" and seeing the different dynamics between the two when the others are not around.  {Now, my girls with only two children... I KNOW that life with two is not always simple and can be just as crazy as mine, but it just SEEMS like it when I have any number less than five at any given moment!}

And being with only boys is an experience I treasure... especially, when before children I thought I only wanted girls!  I would DIE without my boys and love every beastly minute with them!!!

(Again, WHY are my iphone pics so stinking blurry!?!)

Snack Time

Being a Worm

Playing Whale Rescue
(I love how close they play to each other!)

Building Forts

Dance Cardio with me!
(Tracy Anderson Method -- Give me a few months and I'll let you know if it's worth it.)

Luke's Robot Dance Cardio

Enjoyed my day with boys!!!

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  1. Supposedly the trick to a good iPhone photo is to tap the person you want the phone to focus on. So tap Luke and the phone will supposedly focus more clearly on him.( Tap the person's image on the phone) My hubby has tried this with his phone and he is taking better pictures.
    I won't have an iPhone for another month or so. Let me know if this really works. He said you have to tap the image twice sometimes.


  2. and?!? what do you think of Tracy Anderson? I tried it for the first time today

  3. and?!? what do you think of Tracy Anderson?