Saturday, February 16, 2013

Another 40th Celebration!

I am so lucky that my best friend and sister, Amy, married someone that I ADORE!  Damon is an amazing friend and I love him with all of my heart!  (We joke that I am his sister-wife, because I am around them so much! HA!)

The old goat turned 40 this year, so we spent the day celebrating with all of our best friends!  

First stop Kung Fu Saloon, which is a cute little spot on Washington that has fun games, like giant Jenga, giant 4 Squares and free Skee ball and amazing fried pickles.  (Stay away from the jalapeno poppers,  huh, girls?!?)

Baby Sister Marg, Amy and Damon, Stephen and me, Dana and Chris

Skee Ball

Next stop... ZaZa!  We LOVE this hotel and stay there as often as we can!  Amy and Damon got a suite so we could all get ready for the night without going home!

Yellow Sisters

Ready for the Night!
Amy, Me, Dana, Marg

Birthday Boy
(Had to get the flower chandelier in the pic!)

Dinner at Sparrow.... Best brussel sprouts EVA!

Getting Crazy with the Beaker Water

I forgot the name of this bar, but they made the martinis and then sent them through this bank shoot...  crazy!

Last stop was the Red Door... revamped for those of you who remember it from our youth.  It always makes me laugh when we do things that are clearly for the younger set... Although we have a blast just being with each other, we definitely show our age...   It was FREEZING, too loud, too crowded and too many young people drinking too much...  

Dana and Me

The Girls!
(Notice how close we are sitting... So cold!)

We missed all of our besties that couldn't come!!  

D... you are SO loved and I can't wait to see what the next 40 years brings!!

p.s. (Why are my iphone pics so blurry?!?)
p.s.s. (Esteban and Uncle Jim, why are the no pics of you??)

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