Thursday, June 21, 2012


We made a Summer Bucket List so that the summer wouldn't fly by and I would look back and say "Where did the summer go and why didn't we do anything fun???" 

Seeing a Movie.... Check.

Madagascar 3.  Super Cute.

Lot's of popcorn and candy strategically handed out throughout the movie kept them occupied.  Toward the end a couple got antsy, but some gum took care of that.  No one needed to leave to go to the bathroom... including me!

On days that it doesn't really matter what they wear, I let them pick out their own clothes.  Because, for whatever reason, that has become extremely important to them...  SO if you see Sidney wearing the same dress in ALL of my posts it will be because she picks this same pink dress EVERY day she can!  And, yes, Mitchell is wearing a dress up Knight shirt.  

Ivy, Sidney, Mitchell, Briellen, Luke

I wasn't expecting there to be an issue with the fold up chairs, but as soon as I got everyone in their seats, I looked back and just saw feet sticking out... The chairs folded everyone in half like a sandwich.  HA!  Luckily, I noticed booster chairs on the way to the bathroom and they solved the problem.  Not really comfortable to sit on for 2 hours, but again, said popcorn, candy and gum kept little bums in hard seats!

Sidney and Ivy

Luke, Mitchell and Brie
Empty seats are for Mimi and Aiden who went to the bathroom
and Brynne who wouldn't get in the pic!

The babies favorite part of the movie was when the tiger, wearing blue underwear- looking pants oiled himself down with hair conditioner and jumped through a teeny hoop.  They ask me if they can strip down to their underwear then stand in a single file line, use the baby doll conditioner (we call it silky-silky) to rub themselves down and run down the hall pretending to jump through a hoop.!  

Next item on bucket list - building a sand castle!  To the beach we go...

(Although my derm told me this week that my skin was NOT meant for Houston.  But at this point, what's a few more freckles.  Big hat. Lots of sunscreen. Or maybe, I'll have Stephen follow me around with an umbrella!)

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