Sunday, June 24, 2012

Happy Birthday to My Little Ones!!

Wow.  I blinked and 4 years went by.  

Every year I say that I am not emotional about them growing up because it's getting so much easier and I love who they are becoming and I get excited about the next phase, but every year I spend their birthday with a huge lump in my throat wanting to cry over every little thing!  Well, there was a moment this morning in church when they were all wild that I would have gladly given up the gig, but the moment passed and the lump was back!

I also get emotional thinking about all of the help, love and support that we have had...  From loved ones and strangers...  From the teeniest favor to the hugest of gifts.  We are still overwhelmed when we think about it and are eternally grateful to ALL who have walked with us (or should I say carried us) on our journey!!

My precious babies - 3 Weeks Old


  1. Wow. They are amazing little beings. I would not have given up my place in your lives for anything!
    Look how big they are now......

  2. They all look so grown up and distinctly different! Enjoy the can't possibly be boring!!