Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Multiple Multiples

I met a Houston quad mom, Betsy Gilbride, randomly on Facebook and one day we decided to have lunch together! Best decision ever... We totally hit it off and had a ton in common other than the fact that we had well over the average 2.5 kids!! (She has 6 and I have my 5.) She is so much fun to be around.... Brooklyn accent and attitude.. Love it! She's one of those moms that you can vent to and she totally gets it!

We have been lunching sans kids every other month for a while now and we decided that it would be fun, maybe?, for our kids to meet, so we went to their 2nd birthday party. We had a blast... (not as much fun as our girl, talk for two hours, 2 cocktail minimum lunches, but still very fun!)

It was a Dr. Seuss house party... tons of sweets and playtime for the babies.

It was the babies first time meeting another high order multiple set, but they didn't get it... To them it was just more kids to play with (or take toys away from, Luke!) I was worried that bringing our kids would just make it too much, but there was plenty of space and it felt like a normal 2 year old party!

Dr. Seuss Theme

Birthday Babies!
Gunner, Ruby, Jude, Saoirse

Everyone Together
Top - Mitchell, Luke, Sidney
Bottom - Ivy, Sadie & Ruby, Brie, Jude, Saoirse, Gunner

Sidney, Brie, Luke, Mitchell, Ivy
Loving their Lollipops

Amy, Betsy, Elle

My Girls chillin' with Betsy's Co-worker, Amy, getting make-up tips.
Again, with more lollipops!

Ivy is in LOVE!

Dipping her lollipop in the purple sand! Hilarious!

I had to post these of our cousins, because they are both SO STINKING CUTE!!



  1. Hey, I met Betsy when we drove to Houston for my brother's wedding last fall! And how fun that you got to go to her kids' b-day party ... those decorations were amazing!!

    Keep up with me, Ted, and our Fab Four at http://four-by-two.blogspot.com.

  2. LOVE it! Great post, you look amazing El! :)

  3. A yard-full of kids! Really nice to see them gather and have fun together.
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