Thursday, March 24, 2011

Road Trip...

It was Spring Break for most people in Houston, so we decided to join the fun! In a spur of the moment decision, we decided to go and visit PaPa Steve & MaMa Jude in Ocean Springs, MS. (8 hour drive including stops.) The drive isn't so terrible now that the kids LOVE to watch shows and eat junk food! I have told you guys a million times how adorable this little town is and how much I love it... this time was no exception! As we were pulling in the driveway, we saw tons of people walking into town. We asked what was up and found out there was a St. Patty's day parade! (Y'all... I had forgotten it was St. Patrick's Day!! How horrible it that?!? How many pinches did all of us get for not wearing green?!?) It was a cute little parade, very short, but perfect for the attention span of my little ones!

Waiting for the Parade
Sidney & Teebs
Ivy, Mitchell, Luke, Elle, Briellen, Uncle Ronnie
More Waiting....
Game - How many of us can stand on the small cement square?
Budweiser Clydesdales
I have never seen them in person... Gorgeous!

Every morning we walk into town to the coffee shop... They changed ownership and we love, love, love the new owner. Lulu is her name as well as the coffee shops new name! She was adorable and so sweet! She loved the kids and gave them toys and treats... There is a cute patio outside and a big yard, so we could sit and the kids could play!

Briellen, Sidney & Ivy
In Front of Lulu's
Mitchell, Ivy, Luke, Sidney, Brie
Jumping down the steps
Finding ways to entertain themselves...

For months, the babies have been talking about going to the beach... they pretend they are on the beach, they pretend they are driving to the beach, they pretend they are swimming in the ocean... you get the picture. So, of course, we had to go to the beach!

The last time we went to the beach, they really had no interest in the water, so I honestly thought we would go to the beach, they would play in the sand a little bit and then we would go to the park across the street. Well, I was wrong! They LOVED the water. They played in the water forever! Unfortunately, my error in judgement had HUGE consequences! I only packed two towels, no swim diapers, no snacks, no drinks, besides water... When everyone got out of the water, they were cold, starving and had GIGANTIC diapers and they were beyond mad... I am talking Category 5 meltdown! (no pun intended!) It was one of those moments that I wished the sand would just open up and swallow me! (It was a crowded day and I can only imagine what everyone was thinking.) Well, there was no way that we were going to get them all back to our car in that condition and luckily PaPa Steve parked his Jeep on the beach, so we threw them all in the jeep to get them home. I am a car seat NAZI, so the entire minute drive home, I am praying, "Dear God, don't let us crash, don't let us crash!!"

The Hurricane went as quickly as it came and they were excited to be able to play in the jeep back at the house...

The next day, being a brave girl, we ventured back to the beach. And being a smart girl, I packed lots of towels, lots of snack, lots of juice boxes and a bottle of wine for me! It was a perfect afternoon!!!

Stephen and PaPa Steve with Everyone
Stephen was in the water with them the entire time...
The boys constantly wrestle... No matter where they are.
Big Brie Hugs!
In the jeep after all is well!

We went a nearby park one morning and to my delight it had a million swings!! NO fighting over who gets to swing or who gets the "blue" one!!
Al Fresco lunch at Leo's with their cousin Megan.
Chillin' with Mama Jude
Ivy, Sidney & Luke
Some single shots, as group pictures inevitably show someones eyes closed or the top of someones head...
On the way back to Houston, we stopped at the Atchafalya River Basin Welcome center... It was perfect! Covered picnic tables with lots of green running space and lots of animal statues everywhere for entertainment. Inside they had more animals for kids and coffee for mom and dad. VERY Clean... Exit 121 for anyone driving through Louisiana.

Ivy, Brie, Mitchell, Luke, Sidney
Sidney, Luke, Mitchell, Ivy, Brie

I am always glad to get home and back into a rhythm... I say that I am not ready to do anything for a loooooonnnng time. Then after being home for a week, I am ready for another adventure!


  1. Your Kids are so cute!! How do you even find the time to blog with 5 Little ones? i have 3 Children all singeltons and i can hardly keep up with

  2. I saw a painting in the Louvre with a female and about 25 angel babies surrounding her- I thought of you!!!!!
    But the difference is, her babies had no clothes on!! =) Look how cute your babies are...just so you know, I always "think" in terms of them with some bit of ownership!! HA! You do a FABULOUS job with our babies (see???)!!! Love you all to pieces!!!

  3. Okay I recognize some of those clothes!!!! They are getting so big Elle!!!! I think that we really need to get the kiddos together. My girls would just love to play with your crew!!!!

  4. I ALMOST hate reading your blog because it makes me miss you so much... and I miss seeing those beautiful babies grow up! I need a visit soon - girls for sure but I also want to see the kiddos! "Almost" I said... I LOVE your blog... you are amazing.

  5. I almost hate reading your blog because it makes me miss you so much! And I miss seeing your kiddos grow up! I need a visit soon - a girls trip yes - but I need to see those beautiful babies too! I said "almost", I LOVE your blog... you're amazing! :)