Sunday, May 31, 2009

Our First Get Away Sans Babies

My entire pregnancy I said that once the babies could get out and about, I was going on vacation -- and we finally did two weekends ago. We went to the wine country in Northern California with some of our best friends. There were 11 of us total and we rented a house in Sonoma. (There should have been 12, but our friend Ralf had to go back to Germany.) We had leisurely mornings with coffee and a great view on the deck of the house... Fun days wine tasting at gorgeous wineries... Dinner at great restaurants with delicious food and fun cocktails! And just being with each other and our friends again was amazing. It was so nice not to have to wonder what time it was and what needed to happen next. It was so nice to not sleep with one ear open. One day we spent just with the girls and I loved catching up on girl time. All in all it was a fantastic, much needed time away. As with all vacations it was over way to quick!

Stephen & Me
(In front of the house in Sonoma)

Leisurely Mornings
Kari, Sooze, RJ, Bob, Kim & Stephen

Day 1 - View from Ravenswood Winery

Day 1 - Ledson Winery

Day 2 - Healdsburg - La Crema Tasting Room
Susan, Kim, Kari, Me, Amy

Day 2 - Healdsburg - Thumbprint Tasting Room
Me, Susan, Amy, Kari, Kim

Running Through a Vineyard

The Group on the Way Back to the Airport

I have to say I did miss the babies more than I thought I would and I wasn't prepared to be sad when I was leaving, but I cried a titch when each of them left... In case you were wondering where they were, I sent them all to stay with different families. I am so lucky to have a different friend come over on a specific day of the week to help me with the babies. Since each of them know the daily routine and love the babies like their own, I felt comfortable sending each of the babies to stay at their homes for the weekend. They are so amazing... first of all for even offering to take them , but then they came to the house to pick them up and dropped them off the day after I got back, so I could get one more nights rest and unpack... they even bought the food, formula and diapers so I would have less to pack. Thank you guys so, so much for everything!!!

Miss Sandy & Briellen

Peaches & Sidney

Miss Deborah & Ivy

Miss Lisa & Mitchell & Luke


  1. Sounds like a wonderful trip!!! Well deserved to for both of you!!
    That is so great that you have such awesome help! The babies look like they were in good hands! :)

  2. That is awesoem! ours were about the same age when we took a vacation. So glad you could AND what fabulous friends.

  3. Hi Ellen ~

    Looks like you guys had an amazing time! There is nothing better than good friends and good wine! I have tons of family in Napa Valley. In fact, my Grandma was the first woman mayor of Healdsburg! They now live in Windsor and Sebastapol.

    The babies are so cute! That's wonderful that you had such wonderful people to care for them while you guys had some much needed time away!

    Angie Ryan
    Portland, OR

  4. That's so great a vaction with the hubby!! Your pictures look like you had a great time and the kiddos are cute as ever :) So awesome that you have great people to help take care of the kids :)

  5. Good for you!! Mama needs a vacation too (daddy too :))!

  6. I was wondering when that was going to happen. I was going to ask you today but it is great that you got to go away! I am so glad that you guys got away!

    Love ya

  7. First I'm seeing the pics! It was soooo much fun. xoxo

  8. That was so kind of them, and you deserved the break!