Wednesday, July 2, 2008


I am finally out of the hospital... On Monday, they discharged me. I thought that I would be the happiest ever, but I was super emotional about leaving. I think it was more about not being able to walk down the hall to see the babies anymore. But after being able to sleep well in a normal bed with covers on, I woke up feeling like I was let out of jail. I will miss all of the friends I made at the hospital, but as I will be at the NICU everyday for the next couple of months, I will get to see them often.

My Aunt Margie and Mom took me home... We were going to have a big celebratory dinner on Monday night, but I was too pooped and emotional, so we ate Whataburger and went to bed. Last night we went to a fun steakhouse to celebrate. It was so much fun, like a piece of my old life. (Minus the cocktails and high heel shoes.)

It's been a week since delivery.... I guess I was expecting my body to be superhuman and return to normal, but my stomach is still huge and jiggly despite loosing 40 Lbs already. I have to wear a big binder to keep from feeling like my innards are falling out. Sorry -- Too much information. The other thing that I was surprised about was how sore my muscles are. I walk for 2 seconds and my muscles scream like I had run a marathon. I guess that's what lying flat for 13 weeks will do to you. The doctors say that I am doing extremely well and that I just need to give it time. So I will go back to being patient.

We moved from the condo to a house, so we would have more space. The house it a little far from the hospital, but is GORGEOUS. (Rooney's -- We LOVE the house... Thanks for letting us rent it from you!)

BABY UPDATE -- They are 1 week old now and doing so good. Sidney is off all oxygen. Luke, Mitchell and Ivy are nasal cannula and little Briellen is still on her C-pap. They tried to take her off yesterday, but she didn't do well. She just needs a little more time. All babies are off the Bilirubin lights for jaundice and all are tolerating the feedings that they are getting through feeding tubes through their mouths. Every time the feeding amount is increased, the amount of IV fluid is decreased and we are one step closer to getting the yucky IVs out of the babies. This is one of the hardest parts for me because I know how miserable the IVs are and I don't want that for our babies. They are all gaining weight and the doctors said that they are doing extremely well. God has been so good to us!!!!




Mitchell (After a bath!!)


Thank you for all of your phone calls and emails!! Please be patient with me as I return them slowly. Again, Stephen and I are so overwhelmed by how much love we have been shown and want to thank everyone from the bottom of our hearts!


  1. Stephen and Ellen,
    We are all so happy for both of you. What an experience you have gone through. I am glad you are out of the hospital and feeling better. Thanks for the pictures and keeping everyone informed. The babies are beautiful. We love you, Lisa, Daniel, Casey and Megan.

  2. Oh aren;t they just adorable!!!

    So glad you are out of hospital yourself

  3. Ellen,

    You look great and so do those babies. Motherhood suits you! We are so proud of you for all your hardwork. We will keep praying. And keep posting pictures, we love to see them!

  4. What fabulous news that everyone is doing so well! Sure you were lying flat for 13 weeks but you also just went through major surgery! Birthing 5 babies is a pretty big deal! Take this time to rest up, you're gonna need every bit of energy once the babies come home! We love you guys!
    Jess, Drew, & Mason

  5. Oh dear goodness are they not the cutest? Where did all of that hair come from, don't even try to tell me that you didn't have AWFUL heartburn :) You look AMAZING! I am so glad to hear that you are doing well, that the babies are thriving and that all is going as we all hoped. We love you all so much and hope that the next couple of months goes as quickly as the time that you have already been away. Looking forward to holding those little ones!!!

    Take it easy and don't be so hard on yourself. You will get back to normal before you know it, you did just have 5 babies after all ;)!

    Love you lots and miss you tons!

    Nicole, Tommy and Cade

  6. your kidlets are adorable! i'm so happy that they're doing well. hang in there as you go through the craziness of the NICU!

  7. Stephen and Ellen, you have five beautiful babies! Ellen you are remarkable and look great. It is amazing how well all the babies are doing. You both have done a wonderful job. Look forward to getting to meet the babies.


  8. What a fabulous post. You don't know how heartwarming it is to "hear" the "old El" back in your voice. I sure did miss her for a long long time!! You're doing so good, being a mommy -- and your babies are just responding so well! I'm thrilled for you, Stephen, the babies (and all the rest of us too!) I love you lots, Aim

  9. Elle,
    you and the babies look great!!!! I know being patient is hard, but you will be back up to your old self before you know it. I am so happy to hear how well they are all doing.

  10. I agree with Amy, that it is so good to hear the real you coming thru in your posts....and it's totally fabulous! Those are the cutest quints I have EVER known!! I have to say when I saw the very first pic of you and Sidney in the kangaroo kare I thought to myself, "oh, I can totally see Stephen in her profile!". It is so good to hear of their progress and of yours....take it easy chickadee; it's not time for your marathon yet! Not only have you accomplished a physical feat of birthing FIVE adorable babies (one is a feat in itself) but the hormones flowing thru you right now from all those five angels can be sooooo overwhelming. Don't try to make any major decisions, major movements, major anythings....just majorly take care of yourself while they are growing! Love you and so good to see so much of what's going on over there.


  11. Awww, thanks for the photos and post, Ellen. They are adorable. I have had so much fun googling "howell quintuplets" and finding all the great video clips and such. Fun!

  12. Oh Elle!!! They are doing so well and are sooo cute! RJ and I are so excited to meet them (and see you again!) Take your time getting back on your feet. Rest as much as you can (i know it is tough) because it is sooo necessary.
    Loving all of you,

    Susan, RJ and Eli

  13. Your babies were so beautiful!! And you looked awesome! I looked like a train hit me when I left the hospital.