Monday, April 7, 2008

Survived First Week & First Scare

We met with Dr. Elliott on Thursday and just LOVED him! It really reassured us that we made the right decision by coming to Phoenix and under his care.

Thursday evening I started to feel a little "off" but was reluctant to call the doctors after hours because I couldn't pin-point exactly what was wrong. When I still felt the same on Friday, I started getting worried and decided to go in to the doctor rather than worry all weekend. I'm glad I decided to go in. They found out I was having frequent contractions and were able to stop them with a shot of Terbutaline ("Terb"). The scary thing was I didn't even feel the contractions.

Fortunately, Dr. Elliott pulled strings and got me a HUAM (home contraction monitor) which allows me to check for contractions a minimum of 2 times a day. This way I don't have to worry about "feeling" the contractions. It's a huge relief because I send the information to an offsite medical center and a nurse calls me back to explain the readings and tell me if I'm having contractions. If I have more than 6 in an hour, then I have to treat the contractions with another Terb shot, continual pump of Terb, etc. But so far, no more major contractions.

Stephen and I were pretty rattled because we weren't expecting things to start happening this quickly. Another reason we are soooo glad to be here.

Stephen took the best care of me this week, running me back and forth to the doctor, grocery shopping, even unpacking my clothes. I couldn't have asked for a better husband!


  1. awe, what a good guy you have, ellen. :)

    sorry to hear about the contractions-- that must've been a scary situation for you guys. but like you said, it's good to be affirmed in your decision to go to AZ for your care. they obviously knew exactly how to handle this particular situation. and now that you know what's going one, having that monitor will put your mind at ease, i'm sure.

    take care of yourself and blow a kiss to each little one for us! :)
    (and one to you and stephen too!)

  2. Well, I guess this is the first lesson learned; I am sure there are many more to come! But God is faithful, and knows His plans for you! We continue to pray for you, your babies and the whole family. I'm glad you were so close and now on top of things. Love ya!


  3. Hi Ellen,

    Glad to hear that all is okay. Especially glad to hear that you like this doctor and that you are reassured in your decision to go out west.

    Continuing to pray for you, Stephen and all those precious babies.

  4. Scary. Try not to worry about bothering the docs and staff. That's whay they're there for.
    Love your apartment, by the way. It's so you.
    Hi Esteban!

  5. I am sorry to hear about your scare. I know all about contractions early in pregnancy, and I know how scary it is. Hang in there - God has gotten you this far, and he will get you farther.

    I like your place - hopefully it's becoming a cozy home away from home.
    Love and miss you,

  6. Ellen,

    I am glad that the Lord is strengthening you in these tough circumstances. So many people here are praying for you!

  7. In case no one has suggested any names yet:

    Larry, Harry, Terry, Mary, and Carrie.

    I figured you wouldn't like all five, so if one or two doesn't fit the bill, let me know.

    All my best. We are praying for you "seven".

    Brett Gresham