Friday, April 11, 2008

Pounds, Pumps & PJs

Week 20 started off with Misty's arrival (BFF since Junior High). She came armed with a huge stack of recipes and a cookbook, determined to get me to my 75-100 lb weight-gain goal in one week! Even though my stomach has shrunk again to half the size it used to be, there was a plate of food beside me every 2 hrs. I think we are up to grocery run #4. I must say I had some fun FATTENING stuff to eat (homemade doughnut, mini-burgers, pumpkin oatmeal, cheesy taco bake, etc.) She even went out and got Olive Garden and Taco Bell...YUM.

Along with Misty's arrival came the contractions. They stayed below the minimum threshold of 6 per hour, so I avoided a trip to the hospital, but it was close. Even though my contractions settled down towards the end of the week by themselves, Dr. Elliott wanted to be proactive and put me on the Terbutaline pump. The pump delivers a small, steady dose of this medicine which prevents me from contracting. A nurse came on Friday to show me how to use it. After 2 hours of education with the sweet nurse, I was left traumatized after stabbing my own leg with a needle and medicine in my veins that made me feel like I drank 50 cups of Starbucks. (Marg, now I know how you feel!) They say my body will adjust to the new meds in a few days and I'll feel normal again.

The highlight of my week (besides Misty's visit) was the arrival of my new Old Navy PJs. I hadn't realized until last week how big I was getting and how uncomfortable and obscenely small my PJs were getting. The excitement of receiving a package in the mail combined with new comfy PJs brought instant happiness to the bed-bound baby incubator.

*** Please be patient with me in returning phone calls as I haven't felt well this week. Know that I love you!!!

Week 20

Misty & Elle


  1. Hey Ellen! Sounds like you and Misty are having sooooo much fun!
    Wish I was there. Love and Hugs to you, Stephen and Misty!
    God Bless,
    MaMa Jude and PaPa Steve

  2. Hi Ellen! This is Christa Taake, a friend of Damon and Amy. I just wanted to tell you that you, your babies and Stephen are in our prayers. Like you, I am on bedrest, doing the terb (and procardia), have the home monitering, the whole nine yards...well, except with 4 less babies!! Just know I am thinking of you and praying that your babies hang in there as long as possible. All the best! Christa and Steve Taake

  3. Wow, a personal cook and a personal sound like a celeb!! And may just be by this time next year!!! Love ya!


  4. look at your lil fingers! too cute. Can't wait to see you in less than a month!!

  5. I look forward to each of your entries. What a great way to keep everyone informed and let us be a part of your blessing.
    Thinking of you. Love, Lisa, Daniel, Casey & Megan Parker

  6. Just know that it DOES get easier (the pump that is, i don't know anything about birthing babies!)! I LOVE you tons! You are (as always) in my prayers.

    Love to Stephen, Amy, and Aiden . . .