Thursday, January 1, 2015

Happy New Year!!

Mitchell, Briellen, Sidney, Ivy and Luke

2015 -- Here we are!

When the babies were born, we were in total survival mode… Forget setting goals and deciding what direction we wanted our lives to take.  Really forget wanting to exercise more or decorating projects!  I just did what I had to do to feed my babies, make a happy home and stay sane.  I really got out of the habit of reevaluating my life at the start of the year, choosing the things I need to work on and then actually doing them.  So this year I am writing down my goals and how I plan to achieve them.   It's my year to thrive… not just survive!

I will share my other goals with you, but my first one is keeping up with my blog.  Why is this important to me?
- It is my journal… my diary… my way to look back and see how my little babies have grown and changed and to remember the funny things they said or the fun summers we shared.


- It is a way for my family and friends across the world to be apart of our lives.

May this year be a productive year for you (and me)… filled with happiness and love!!!


  1. Happy New Year friend! I also want to get back to my blog. FB was good and easy but it does not catch the sentiment and is not as easy to look back on years as the blog. Good luck. Xo

  2. It is so nice to see you and your beautiful family again!

    1. Jess!! I think of you guys all the time! Hope all is well! XoXo