Thursday, January 10, 2013

The Tooth Fairy Visits Unexpectedly

Ivy bumped her tooth about a year ago... I don't even remember how it happened, I just remember one day seeing that behind the tooth was gray.  The dentist said yes, the tooth was dead and as long it didn't change colors and there was no pain we wouldn't have to pull it.  I have been over protective of that tooth for a year... I can't tell you how many times I've yelled "HER TOOTH" when she is wrestling with her dad or "YOUR TOOTH" when she is carelessly swinging a toy around. 

Well, the inevitable happened and she bonked it again.  I randomly noticed one day a fistula on her gums.  A fistula looks like a juicy pimple... The dentist had told me to be on the look out.  It is a miracle that I even saw it, it was so high up on her gums.  A mother's intuition always amazes me... Like God telling me to check her gums even though I didn't know I needed to!

I took her back to the dentist right away and sure enough the x-ray revealed an abcess that was infected.  (The fistula is the infected junk trying to drain.)  So that baby had to come out.

Now, I can't even explain to you how upset I was.... I am not sure even why!!  But as I was by myself, I sucked it up and found a happy face and made it seem like this was the best thing that could ever happen to Ivy.  (I cringe when I think of how over the top I was talking about loosing her first tooth and the tooth fairy in the dentist office!)

She was such a trooper... Afraid and weeping, but none of the epic Ivy throw downs that she is known for at home when she anticipates something hurting her.  (i.e. She acted like we were going to saw her foot off one time she had a splinter and Stephen had to get it out with a needle.)  Aunt Mimi met us at the dentist and we had a special play date at Chick-fil-a!  (I NEVER take my kids inside to play and they ALWAYS want to go, so it was a big deal for her to get to go in...)

Because I was totally unprepared for a tooth fairy visit, we didn't have a special tooth fairy pillow or gold coins or anything else fancy, but she seemed to be just as happy with a dollar.  (I was going to over compensate with $20, but Stephen kept me in check.)  I think a second tooth will be the new big deal tradition in our house.

I was reflecting on why I was/am so emotional about this and I think it is twofold.  One, loosing a tooth is a big milestone for a kid... it means you are a big kid!  I don't think I am ready for her to be a big kid yet!  Two, this happened too early and so in some part of my mind I consider it as something "bad" happening to her.  I want so badly to protect all of my children from anything bad.

In case you are curious about the fistula... here is what is looked like. ICK!


  1. You BOTH made it through the ordeal!! Congratulations!

  2. You BOTH made it through your ordeal!! Congratulations!!