Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Halloween Festivities!


One of our favorite places to go at Halloween time is the Oil Ranch, however, the particular Saturday we had planned on going it was closed for a private party!  We saw that the Old Time Christmas Tree Farm had a pumpkin patch as well, so we headed off with our cousins....  

It wasn't my fave... (who makes you have a ticket and a time limit for a bouncy house??  The one thing you can NOT keep a kid out of??) But we made the most of it!  

Spooky Spider
Ivy Mitchell Sidney Luke Brie

With Cousins!

Stephen Luke and MawMaw
Train Ride 

Me with Briellen Sidney and Mitchell

Right around the corner from our house is an adorable pumpkin patch at the Methodist Church...  They dress up their pumpkins in all types of themes. (Star Wars, College Football, Sesame Street, Happy Feet, etc.)  

Sidney Briellen
Ivy Mitchell Luke

"Happy Halloween" as they throw hay in the air...
And they wondered why hay was in EVERY nook and cranny!

We had our 4th annual Toddler party at our house this year.  (I guess it's not really a toddler party, huh?)  This is a way for all of our girlfriends to get together to see all the kids dressed up, but still be able to go trick-or-treating in our own neighborhoods on actual Halloween night.

I have always decorated my house for Halloween, but it has always been more Fall-ish.  Think pumpkins, gourds, etc.  But because everyone seems to go all out with their decorations in our hood, my kids kept asking when I was going to decorate "spooky."  Since I am not a huge fan of spooky, I decided that the toddler party would be a spooky party and that way they would get their spooky and I would only have to see it one night!  (p.s.  turns out spooky decorating is fun!)

And of course, I spent too much time on pinterest and found fun foods to do. (Eye-ball cake pops, mummy pig-in-a-blankets, PB&J finger sandwiches and of course, Damon brought a signature cocktail - Candy-corn Cocktails! (Vodka infused with candy corn... very yum!)

Captain America, Hulk, Black Widow, Iron Man and Wasp

With Mom Thor and Dad Hawkeye
Ivy Brie Sidney Mitchell Luke 

The Dyers
(with Baby Nolan on board)

The Fab Farleys
The Wagners
More than meet the eye...

The Hares
The kids reaction to seeing Uncle Neal like this was PRICELESS!!
I couldn't stop laughing!

Nothing like an Uncle getting IN the bouncy house with you...

The Girls

We hid bones in the backyard for the kids to find...
Halloween version of an Easter egg hunt!

Fuzzy Pic, but LOVE my sis and brother!

- BOOED -  
One day our door bell rang and this was at our door, filled with goodies and a note saying "You've been BOO-ed!" 

I had never heard of it before and thought it was such a fun idea!  Basically, once you've been boo-ed you put together 2 "boo" bags and deliver them to 2 people without being seen and then you hang a sign on your door saying "We've been BOO-ed!"  (Details here...


We seriously live on the best street ever! Awesome cul-de-sac with amazing neighbors!  We all got together in the street the weekend before Halloween to hang out and be together!

Brie and Laylah - B/F/F

Loving Coopers Car Box

 There are TONS of kid on our street (30ish) and they all get along really well.  Love it!  (Trust me, we have our "She took my toy" or "She's being a tattle tale" or "He hit me in the face with a stick" but it's in a manageable quantity.)


Love some Ms. Raiza and Ms. Sarai!
Ivy, Brie, Luke, Mitchell, Sid

It takes FOREVER to get a pumpkin carved when 10 little hands want to help with all of the work...  Totally had to find my patient hat.

Finally pulled out the paint and let them paint little pumpkins, so I could work on ours...

A spooky pumpkin per request!


The actual night of Halloween, Stephen took the kids up and down the street and I stayed to pass out candy... Love that my cul-de-sac peeps stayed outside with me!

Attacking Mr. Dave for candy!

Off they go...

A lesson learned this year... Do not buy expensive Halloween shirts.  I did this for the girls and made them wear them to every possible Halloween event.  Got a little old and it makes looking a pics more boring.  Would much rather by a couple of cheapies!


  1. Awww, I miss you guys so much. I HAVE to come see you!!!!
    You are doing a great job with your blog and as a MOM!!! Love you!

  2. Ellen!!!! I am SO proud of your all-out Pinterest party decs!! I LOVE it!!!!!! Wish we lived closer. Xox