Monday, July 16, 2012

Summer Bucket List Update


If you had told me 10 years ago, that I would go camping more than once, I would have called you a liar...  I guess having kids really does change you!  Our first time camping was such a great experience, we decided to try it again.  (Huntsville State Park this time.)

We only had a few unpleasant moments the entire weekend... Brie melting down for 3 hours at 1AM... sweltering heat in the day meaning no napping... powerful evening grumpy moments that follow no napping.  But other than than, there was nothing but great company, great food and fun!!  (Now I say fun, but please don't confuse this fun with on-the-beach-in-the Caribbean-with-no-kids fun. hee-hee.)

Setting Up
Luke, Brie, Sidney, Ivy, Mitchell

They LOVE sleeping in the tent...
Luke and Brie

First time using bags from MaMa Jude and PaPa Steve...
Ivy, Sidney and Mitchell

Uncle Damon's canoe is always a hit.
(We did eventually have to put the oars away... you can imagine why!)

Aunt Mimi and Uncle D giving canoe rides
Ivy and Mitchell

 First time fishing! (Thanks Nain and Papa for fishing rods!)

S'more time!
Luke, Mitchell, Brie, Stephen, Ivy, Sidney

Notice Damon's parent's (Moppy and PawPaw) RV in the background.... I honestly don't think camping would be the same without them there!  Having easy access to a coffee pot and microwave is huge... Not to mention the expertise of seasoned campers!!


This was our 4th annual trip to my girlfriends lake house and it never fails to be a blast!  Besides having some relaxing downtime with our family, I get to spend time with my GIRLS... (These girls are my forever friends!  The ones that have been through everything thing with you.... I mean EVERYTHING!)  And spend time with their fun hubbies and ADORABLE munchkins!

Family Pic
These kids did NOT want to stop playing to take a picture.  Argh!

Our favorite travel companions, The Farley's! Poor Amy and Damon... Stephen and I always benefit from them being there because it evens the kid:parent ratio... not in their favor!

Damon, Aiden, Amy, Brynne

There is nothing better than being in the presence of true friends! Catching up, unloading, sharing advice, trading beauty secrets, LOTS of laughing.  Not to mention SO much help with the kids!

Misty, Kimber, ME, Amy

"What is a friend? A single soul dwelling in two bodies." - Aristotle

{Did you notice I didn't use the word "babies" in this entire post??}


  1. Oh, gone from babies to kids????

    Loved reading about your summer!

  2. So funny, Kenny JUST asked us last night if we are missing something by not camping as a family. I explained that I bought a sleeping bag when I "camped" in a UC Santa Cruz DORM Room... Baby steps. But afterall you are an aspiration, err inspiration, to me ;-) see you in October!! Xx