Sunday, August 19, 2012

Brie's Wedding Weekend!

A month after the bach party in San Diego, we all met up in Austin for the big wedding weekend.  It was SO much fun to have weekends with my girls two months in a row, but Austin was special because all of the boys were with us and we rarely get to spend time with them.  

Rehearsal dinner was on a paddle boat on Lady Bird Lake...  Honestly, I was kinda dreading this, because Texas in August is miserably hot, but it turned out to to be overcast and a titch breezy.  Horrible for good hair, but nice for an outdoor boat ride!  We had fun gabbing and mingling with Brie's family.

The Girls! (Minus the bride.)
Misty, Amy, Ellen, Kimber

Forgive all of the couple pics, but each of them are so special in their own way... I could write a book on each of them and wish a picture could convey how fabulous they are.

The Wilkins

The Reids

The Farleys

The Soon To Be Fergusons

And of course, the Howells


As we were making our way back, we got to see the Congress Bridge bats fly out for their nightly feeding... we were assured that they fed on bugs not humans.  It was amazing to see millions of bats filling the sky... (It took me back to my childhood watching the bats at Carlsbad Caverns.) I couldn't believe they all fit under that bridge.  Can you see them below??

The big day we spent the entire day with the girls getting hair and makeup done....

Look at that hair, Brie!!

The trolley came to get us all from the hotel to take us to the wedding.  Minor hiccup with the trolley breaking down on the freeway, but a replacement arrived just before we started really sweating.  Whew. 

We had some time on our hands, so lots of trolley pics!

Me, Amy, Misty

Brie and her sister Laurie

Old College Roomies -- Apt. 203, y'all!

Getting Brie Dressed...  Her gown was AWESOME!!

The wedding was at the Barr Mansion, which was GORGeous!  The unfortunate part of being in a wedding is not being able to take pics of the actual wedding. But you can see pictures of the venue here!

Lots of after wedding pics...

Stephen and me

Amy and Kimber

The signature drink was a Moscow Mule... You drink these in a copper mug.  I had never heard of one until the bach party, but now I see them everywhere!

This was in an O magazine when I was at the doctors office.

Introducing Mr. and Mrs. Ferguson!!

Dancing with Shae just like the good old days...


End of a wonderful evening...

Stephen and Shae totally stole my camera and these are only two of the jewels that I found!!  Totally dorks and I love them!!!

And, of course, we had to do a jump picture...  (This one is by Brie's photographer Whitney Lee Photography.) 

We have been doing this jump forever!!  Here is our first one... circa 1999!!


  1. I don't know if I ever read this... or I forgot! You're such a great blogger. Love all the pics... you girls looked so pretty.

  2. Ahhhh! Brie!! I wasn't done yet! I must have accidentally hit publish.... Nothing like that to make me finish it. I am on a mission (again) to get caught up! Love you!

  3. oh my gosh! you are amazing as always... seriously... you inspired me today to start blogging - though I feel that i really have nothing that great to say... so I actually started TWO blogs... one from the point of view from our pets...

    anyway, I LOVE this post and the photos and I MISS YOU LIKE CRAZY!!!!!!!!!! It was so awesome to have you all there - you really made our day so special. And I LOVE our jumping photos... Let's plan the next reunion... really. Maybe Austin? :)