Friday, May 18, 2012

She's Here!!!!

I can't believe it's been a year since my brother was married in Bali (You can read about my trip here!)  I really can't believe it's been a year since I've been on a true vacation.  I've decided that in the future 4 small long weekend vacations are better than one long 2 week vacation because no matter how long you are gone, things are always CRAY-ZAY when you get back and you MUST have something to look forward to in order to stay sane!!   Well, in a perfect world you could have one big one and the 4 little ones to tide you over, but in my world I don't get both.... 

But I digress...  We fell in love with Alit when went to Bali last year and were beyond excited that Neal married her!  We were ready for her to come to Texas right away, but Neal had to finish his project and then it took FOR-EVAH to get Alit's visa.  Who knew it was so tough to get to live in America especially married to an American!?!  When all was said and done, Neal had to come home only a month earlier than Alit!  Of course, he flew back to get her... Now that is true love, people, considering that flight is 24 hours!!

My mom and sisters and me went to get them from the airport...  We made signs, bought some bubbly, used Margaret's driver so we didn't have to deal with Houston traffic and made a night of it!  We were so excited it felt like Christmas! 

Amy and Marg

 Marg and Gwladys

Welcome Home Alit

First Hug


Finally Here!!!

The babies ADORE Alit... They call her Bibi (Balinese for aunt!)  You would have thought they had know her their entire life!

Bibi over for a Play Date


Our family in FINALLY complete!  All of the siblings have found their soul mates and we feel complete!!!

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  1. happy for your family!!! I hope to get to meet her soon!!