Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Because They Are Just Too Cute!

I forgot to post this one on my Valentines Blog, but they are just too cute, I had to post it. Stephen always puts the girls bloomers on their heads and speaks to them in a French accent. The cutest thing ever...

Sidney, Brie, Ivy

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Happy Valentines Day

Sidney, Mitchel, Brie, Luke, Ivy

Ivy, Mitchell, Sidney, Luke, Brie

Ivy, Sidney, Luke, Brie, Mitchell
(Top going right)

Sunday, February 15, 2009

No Night Nanny!

What am I going to do without her?? She has been at my house 10 hours a night for 5 months!! We finally weaned the night bottles last week and the babies are sleeping through the night. It took a week for them to get the hang of it... Every night we had someone protesting... But now I have had a full nights sleep for 3 nights in a row. Woo-Hoo!!! (Um, why don't I feel more rested??)

So our sweet Melissa no longer needs to come anymore and I am SO sad! She is coming for 2 more weeks during the daytime, but then I am on my own... I tried to convince Stephen to let me keep her full time during the days, but "tough times are coming" and we are going to be in save mode soon. (Stephen even threw down the B word... Budget. Shudder.)

Baby Update: All girls have two teeth, the boys are bears waiting for theirs. Everyone so close to crawling. Luke, Mitchell, Ivy are 15-ish pounds and Sidney and Brie are 12-ish pounds.

Melissa & Babies (6 months here)

Friday, February 6, 2009

New Shoes

Isn't it amazing how ridiculously happy a new pair of shoes can make you??? Even a cheap pair of Old Navy Flip Flops???

Okay, Amy, just for you... here is a pic of my foot the day of my delivery... (Frightening.)

Tuesday, February 3, 2009


What is normal anymore?? I have spent what seems like forever wishing that life would be normal again... Well, I think I am finally settling into a new normal... I go by walks with the babies by myself. I can feed them their solid food by myself. I can load them and all of their stuff in the car by myself (in 15 minutes!) I can even do all five of their in-the-middle-of-the-night bottles by myself as I learned this Sunday night when our fabulous night nanny asked for the night off. On a whim, I can pack them up and take them to my sisters house for a margarita "play" date, when the weather is nice. Or take them to my mom's house for an evening for a birthday dinner party. I am being able to do things that feel normal to me and it makes me feel happy in my heart!!!

What I see when I take the babies for a walk...

What I see in the rearview mirror in the car...

Briellen & Ivy in the Wagon

Margarita Time!!

Family Pic
Ivy in Front, Brie, Mitchell, Luke & Sidney